Interior Design Trends for 2022

Pantone have already announced the official colour of 2022, Very Peri, and we’re excited to see how it transfers in to the forecast interior trends of the year. We’re looking ahead to see how you can take inspiration from these new ideas to personalise your interiors, design to suit lifestyles, incorporate different tastes and reflect moods.


Eclectic style is taking the lead in the interior trends of 2022. A natural progression from maximalism it embraces combining styles, some often thought incompatible, and doing it with creative flair. Like maximalism, this style isn’t about chaotic mess, it’s a busy look that has a connecting link between items through shape, colour and texture.

If you chose to have mismatched furniture and soft furnishings then the key to achieving this trend is to keep your wall, floor and ceiling decoration to a minimal.


Eco-style arrived in our homes almost a decade ago so it’s overdue a new surge in popularity. More relevant than ever, its topping the 2022 list of interior design trends.

This style is ideal for those who favour freedom and light in their living spaces. Organic colours and materials, simple yet functional furniture. Traditional colour schemes are calm and natural utilising natures colour palette with warm earthy shades, beige, white and green.

Natural textiles lend themselves to this style with some new twists being brought in for 2022. Aged and stained wood is making a comeback, unpolished concrete, terracotta and brick are all popular materials to feature too.


Characterised by high ceilings, wooden or metal staircases, wood burning stoves and a combination of modernity and classics (for instance, designer wood furniture and aged mirrors) this is the new industrial chic.

Urban, rustic and an easily achieved look for those on a budget. Stripped back floorboards and old brick walls all look great when paired with modern lighting and furniture.

If you don’t live in an older building with traditional brick walls, there are fantastic brick effect wallpapers on the market which will help you to achieve this style without breaking the bank.


Minimalistic, modern and futuristic.
It’s time to get serious about storage when it comes to this style, it’s all about the cutter-free, clean and stylish aesthetic.

Get your tech on, this trend is all about the mod-cons. Media walls, electric fireplaces and remote control blinds. App controlled lighting built into furnishings is a great way of taking things a step further and embracing this almost futuristic look.

Accent the main hi-tech colours of grey, white and black with bold accent colours. Pick one as a basis and build your design around it. Glass, mirror and gloss tiles are all materials that will work will within the theme.


Colour blocking is experiencing a third surge of popularity in 2022. This technique came into interior design from fashion catwalks. It involves creating an image of a room by using large colour spots (blocks).

The idea is simple: you need to highlight a few large items and supplement them with details. For example, a cabinet or sofa can appear as a large colour spot. And they will be supplemented by armchairs and décor. The aim is to select items and colours that contrast so that they do not merge with the general background.

Prints are rarely used and if you do chose to incorporate these within the style, simple abstract or geometric designs work best.
It must be emphasized that colour blocking does not involve working exclusively with bright colours. Pastel shades also look very impressive.

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