What to Look Out For in 2022

It’s that time of year where we talk about trends and look at what’s set to be the next big thing in the world of stoves and fires. Below we look at 4 fireplace design trends that we’re already seeing utilised in new projects and we‘re pretty certain these will continue to surge in popularity in 2022!


When it comes to size, it definitely matters in 2022 fire choices! Big and bold statement fires are seeing a rapid rise in popularity with many embracing the freedom to upsize in contemporary layouts. Oversized fireplace designs make a big impact, quite literally, and create a wonderful focal point. Glass panels on stoves are now bigger and wider than ever too, so you can really enjoy the beauty of a log fire compared to more traditional compact designs.

This popularity surge extends into electric fires too. As media walls also continue to trend so do large fireplaces to mirror the size of the screens. The wider the better!


Behold the mesmerising aesthetics of the clean precise lines of a thin, oblong fire. We are seeing more and more clients embrace narrow fires and horizontal deigns.

A natural progression from the popularity of linear fireplace. Long skinny fireplaces really lend themselves to an symmetrical design, and lines can be mirrored with a shelf or bench mount. These fires are ideal to create an impression of a longer room and, as often available in electrical wall mounted options, they’re great for homes short on floor space too.


The polar opposite to above, we’re treasuring that so many people appreciate original fireplaces and are embracing them within their home designs. Whether you’re giving an original a makeover or installing a new fireplace with a timeless and classic design, we’re seeing a big lean in recent months to favouring vintage styles and expect this to continue into the new year.


As we all become more aware of decreasing our carbon footprints in any way possible to us, energy efficiency and eco credibility have become essential features when shopping for a fireplace.

Stovax fires continue to be one of our most popular brands with a wide range of wood-burning and multi-fuel Ecodesign stoves and fires. Lowering emissions to an absolute minimum, their cutting-edge designs make them some of today’s cleanest burning fires. Ecodesign Plus stoves represent the future of wood burning. Supporting the governments Clean Air Strategy, these advanced stoves burn so cleanly they meet, and in many cases even exceed, 2022 air quality and efficiency targets.

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