Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow – Glamping in The Winter

Unlike camping, which for the recreational seasonal campers among us is maybe hard going in winter, glamping in the cold is a much more luxurious experience. Glamping is an activity that isn’t dependent on the seasons especially since the introduction of glamping stoves. The addition of wood burning stoves into yurts, barges and huts has certainly taken glamping up a notch or two on the comfort scale! Summer camping can be too warm for a fire, but in winter its perfect!

Here’s some of the many reasons we love glamping in the winter.


Scottish scenery is stunning all year round but add in an autumnal palette to a native forest or a thick frost over the mountains and it is undeniably breath-taking. Star gazing under the clear winter skies is an unforgettable experience with a much higher chance of seeing the Mirrie Dancers (Northen Lights) too! Crisp mornings, still lochs and an incredible stillness create a truly magical winter wonderland.


We can’t write about winter glamping without talking about the joy of sitting by the roaring fire in a rural pub after a long walk. While it’s great to be warm and snug in a glamping pod in the winter, it’s even better to head out on a long bracing hike to a cosy, welcoming pub. Then enjoy some home cooked, classic pub grub and a craft ale, or whatever takes your fancy, before walking back home knowing your own stove awaits you there!


Amongst the hectic hustle and bustle of the season we often forget to stop, unwind and relax. Dark mornings can be a grind during the working week, oppressive and un-motivating. But the dark mornings on holiday? Hello relaxing, long lie-in! Winter glamping means no waking up with the dawn chorus at a 5am sunrise and with a bit of luck it keeps any accompanying pets and kids sleeping in a little longer too.


We know we’re mentioning it a lot but winter sun makes walking at this time of year magical. The trees glisten, the hills glow and the skies are refreshing, there’s something about frosty country air that fills your lungs and makes you feel alive. Winter walks out in nature, whatever the weather, makes the return home to your cosy space even more enjoyable. Especially so if you have a beautiful wood burning stove to welcome you. The other great thing about glamping in the winter is it’s usually cheaper, and you have a wider choice of accommodation. If you love the great outdoors, and being out in nature, but want to enjoy the warmth and comfort of being in-doors, then try glamping!

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