Pizza ovens, a novelty purchase never used or worth the investment?

If you’re dreaming of eating alfresco dinners but not a fan of BBQ food then a pizza oven really could be for you and your family. Pizza ovens have the ability to turn any meal into an occasion. Fun, authentic delicious pizzas with unbeatable flavour and a great entertainer for kids and guests with everyone wanting a slice of the action! 

But with so many options on the market how do you choose the right one for you. Read our top tips for selecting a pizza oven below.

  1. Time. Before setting out to purchase a pizza oven consider how much time you want to spend cooking. Some traditional types of pizza oven can take over 3 hours to heat up to the optimum cooking temperature so consider a gas one if you’re not the patient type.
  • Fuel. There are two types of fueled outdoor ovens. Wood burning ovens are the traditional choice and until recently the most popular option, however, while gas fired ovens are relatively new to the UK they are becoming increasingly popular. Wood fires ovens involve burning timber – while this is pretty straight forward it is important to know there are certain types of wood you can’t use when cooking. Gas fired ovens are perhaps easier to light and control. You don’t have to worry about lighting wood and making sure you have enough fuel in the oven throughout the cooking process. 
  • Where. Think about the where you intend to put your oven. Ask yourself ‘what space do I have and is it large enough for the finished installed oven?’ This is particularly relevant if you are choosing amodular oven, requiring assembly on site, as you may want to design and build your own bespoke base or outdoor kitchen area for your oven. Always check the finished sizes of ovens with suppliers and the recommended base dimensions. Remember to add up to 60mm or more all around for final finishes like renders or tiles or a shelf at the front depending on how you chose to customise your oven. Alternatively, an assembled pizza oven can be set in place on nearly any sturdy outdoor surface. It does need to be table height though so you can get your pizzas in and out! You might like to consider a pizza oven table or stand to accompany your product. It’s important to check the weight of your chosen oven if pre-assembled, high mass concrete or brick ovens are very heavy. Ready-made ovens of these types are especially difficult to lift and manoeuvre without professional equipment such as a fork lift truck and/or several helpers. A portable gas fired pizza oven is considerably lighter. If you’re looking at outdoor ovens for family home use, you may want to consider a more lightweight model with wheels so you can move in to the garage or shed when not in use.
  • Installation. An important factor in any fire purchase is installation costs. A portable gas fired pizza oven requires relatively little set up, in fact most are simply position, connect up and go! An assembled pizza oven will require a small team to lift it into position. A modular oven requires construction and if you aren’t confident in doing this yourself then you will need someone to complete the work. Additionally, there are the associated costs of creating a base or outdoor kitchen area should you require these. 
  • Uses. Another feature to think about when shopping for a pizza oven is additional uses. Some ovens can double up as a fire pit but not all makes. Many ovens have a door and are equally as efficient at chargrilling, roasting and baking as they are at cooking pizza.

No matter which pizza oven you choose, there’s no doubt that pizza brings people together and we guarantee the right oven will deliver you hours of entertainment and great food.

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