How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

21st June, the magical date when summer officially begins in the UK. Time to get set for lazy days in the garden and making the most of your outdoor space.

Even the tiniest plot has big potential for summer living whether it’s a balcony, a patio or a tiny patch of lawn. Your garden doesn’t need to be the size of a football pitch to create an outdoor oasis. From vertical planters and herb towers to innovative seating solutions, no matter what size your space is here are some great ideas to help you maximize it’s impact and make it you own.


You’ve opened up the shed, worked your way through the cobwebs and finally found the furniture. With any luck all it will need is a dust down and it will be ready for action! If looking a little worn, wooden furniture can be given a quick makeover with a lick of paint and some new snazzy cushions. Dare to be bold and add a pop of colour, the brighter the better!

If, however, you’re in need of some new outdoor furniture here’s our top tips on selecting what’s best for your space. Furnishing a small area can be tricky, it pays to think of the big picture, planning carefully to create a functional area with breathing space. Armchairs with

side tables will give the most flexibility for dining, entertaining and lounging without dominating in the way that larger pieces can. Stackable or folding, slimline seating it a great option that won’t take up too much of your valuable outdoor space either. Team your seating with garden cushions and soft blankets in either a bold accent colour or tones of green, for an up-to-date and stylish look to suit your tastes.


Paint walls and fences to create a seamless boundary. Dark grey, dark green and black make dramatically stylish backgrounds for bright furniture and vibrant planting in a suntrap but a cooler, darker space may need a paler, warmer tone to see off any chill. In all spaces, think about texture and height. Going high with planting and climbers creates natural privacy and has the potential to add scent in summer if you chose fragrant plants such as honeysuckle or jasmine. 

Pots and planters are a wonderful accessory for your outdoor space. You can move them around, create areas and screens, you can even add a herb planter near your barbeque spot – both aesthetically delightful and practical. It doesn’t take up much room, it’s full of texture, fragrantand great for summer dining – so much nicer to be able to grab a handful fresh herbs as and when you need them. 


Welcome family and friends around the table again with one of our outdoor fires keeping everyone warm and comfortable. As they radiate heat not only are they a great insect repellant, but everyone will naturally gravitate to the inviting fireplace where they can extend their outdoor enjoyment into the night. An absolute must have accessory for any barbeque, outdoor celebration or gathering! Portable, stylish and easy to store when not in use. Check out our great selection of outdoor fires here: CLICK HERE


Add some outdoor lights, perhaps a lit water feature if you like the sound, and settle back into your own little patch of paradise as the days extend into the evening. Festoon lights and solar lamps will give your space a real feel of a living room outdoors.


There’s so much catching up to do! Cherish every moment and turn your garden into your favourite restaurant. Coordinate your tableware with your garden accessories, from the pitchers to the picnicware, make it fun. We can’t resist a quirky glass or plate!

For the main event, why not consider a pizza oven for your outdoor space. If you’re dreaming of eating alfresco dinners but not a fan of BBQ food then a pizza oven really could be for you and your family. Pizza ovens have the ability to turn any meal into an occasion. Fun, authentic delicious pizzas with unbeatable flavour and a great entertainer for kids and guests with everyone wanting a slice of the action! 

Read more about why a pizza oven might be ideal for your summer garden here: Pizza Ovens

And if your looking for some great garden activities we’ve got that covered too: 5 Ideas for Entertaining Outside Round Your Fire

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