Making the Most of Your Fireplace in Summer.

In winter, your fire is in constant use, but in summer, it can feel a bit redundant. If you have a fireplace it’s probably the focal point of the room, with your furniture arranged to face it. And while a roaring fire in the colder months provides curl-up comfort and welcome ambiance, what do you do when the weather warms? 

Once you’ve spring cleaned your fireplace it’s set to be decorated to suit your home. Below are a wide range of ideas from simple fixes to elaborate designs that will help you transform your empty fireplace easily, quickly and without much hassle. With a little time and attention it can make a huge difference to the way the room looks, and add much needed character.

Go Green

Placing shapely potted plants, such as ferns or philodendron, inside or in front of a fireplace is a no-fail solution. Full or broad-leafed plants fill out the empty space beautifully while adding a bright and airy look that’s especially refreshing in the summer heat. Choose whether to have one large and impressive specimen or a collection of smaller plants that can be arranged carefully. Be sure to use plant saucers and a mat to protect your fireplace from scratches and marks. 


Candles are a popular fireplace filler, and for good reason. Whether lit or not, candles recreate that same cozy mood that comes from the glow of a real fire. Just be sure to vary the size and height of the candles to fill out the space. Remember to light them from time to time and let the wax drip down to avoid the overly staged look unused candles convey.

Reflect Style

Filling the interior of your fireplace with a mirror not only bounces natural light around the room; it also makes a small space feel larger. And if you have a colorful rug covering the floor, a mirror will reflect it back into the room—an artful bonus. Team a mirror with a selection large candles to give added depth when lit. 

Below are a few more quick summer fireplace makeovers:

  • Stacked firewood in baskets, especially birch logs. Get creative and paint them in bright colours for a more unusual and stand out look.
  • A large basket full of seashells and coral gives a summer beach home vibe 
  • Vases of varying sizes and heights. Try using a single colour theme for a dramatic effect to contrast with your rooms decor. For example, a collection of mustard vases can create a vibrant feature in a teal room. 
  • Stacks of old hardcover books, pages facing out
  • Add a dramatic piece of framed or canvas artwork inside your fireplace.
  • For a simple solution you can use a screen divider to cover an empty fireplace, they have a pretty motif on the front and can be any color you like making them an ideal way to quickly decorate your fireplace for the summer.

Take advantage of this bare interior space and use it for decorating instead of fire-building during the warmer months. There are many ideas for giving your fireplace or stove a summer makeover and making it your own. Dress it up and make your fireplace a fantastic focal point for the warmer months too.

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