Fireplace Styling

Looking to refresh the styling around your fireplace and wondering what’s on trend this year? We’ll give you a hint, it’s all about you and anything goes!

2019 saw fireplaces getting the spotlight they deserve from interior designers, placing extra emphasis on integrating beautiful and functional fires as the center of the home. This theme continues into the new decade and we take a look at the styling trends set to make your fireplace a focal point.

Soft and Subtle.

Warm pastel hues are returning once again in the new decade. Soft peachy corals, golden yellow tones and terra cotta—colors that feel soft yet grounded in earth tones. Subtle texture, like a tiled backsplash around a hearth and knitted cushions keeps things interesting.

An over-sized mirror fakes an extra window by establishing a bright focal point reflecting light and warmth. Great for smaller rooms.

Modern Nature.

The combination of natural materials and man-made has been a long growing trend and it’s not going anywhere yet. Think concrete and leather, slate and steel, wood and chrome, marble and linen. Your hearth and it’s accessories.

Rediscover the beauty of exposed brick with its history rich feel and warmth, consider teaming this bright contrasting colours such classic blue to add a contemporary edge.

A solid wood beam mantle adds rustic character, keep your interior palette minimal with geometric prints for a modern vibe. Equally, abstract art and geometric print tiles, teamed with natural materials, bring this seasons popular Scandinavian look directly into your home.

Styled log storage, painted in an accent colour, can add a whole new dimension to your fireplace.

Off Trend is the New On Trend

2020 is set to see the trend of mixing old and new styles grow even further. Deck out your mantel using an eclectic mix of vintage and new finds in various materials, like wooden frames and an artsy ceramic jug. Go for high crafted pieces, created by small designers. It’s all about authenticity and investing in what you love.

Your fireplace can wear neutral and bright hues equally so go ahead and try something new. Bright and bold colours lend themselves to being mirrored in the rooms accessories.

A monochrome interior showcases both architectural features and your fireplace. Decorate neutral walls with artwork in the same colour scheme to accentuate the contrast.

2020 is about showcasing your personality through your home and creating spaces that tell your story. Whatever your style, whichever your fire, have fun and make your interior your own. Whether you choose to jump on a trend or opt for a classic fireplace, you can’t go wrong with either. They add instant appeal and visual interest to any space and home.

To discuss your options with one of our experts, contact Living Fires today!

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