How to Make Your Room Ruggedly Handsome

Take a walk on the soft side, that right, this week we’re talking all things rugs!

Tired of looking at bare floors? Want to sink your feet into a soft plush fabric instead? When it comes to adding comfort, texture and colour to your floors, one of the simplest ways to breathe new life into a room is to add a rug. Every cosy fireside needs a rug to lounge on in front of it but what should you be looking for when you’re shopping for one?


When shopping for a fireside rug the number one rule is to look for a guarantee that the rug is fire-resistant. Wood-burning fireplaces frequently pop and crackle, throwing small pieces of burning embers several feet out onto the floor. While ceramic and stone flooring won’t burn, carpeting and hardwood floors can catch fire.

With the inevitable sparks, embers and soot flying around, it’s important to consider the practicalities when choosing a hearth rug for beside your fire. Though no rug is completely fireproof, many include natural oils or coated materials that resist burning.

Want to learn more about fireside safety? We’ve put some top tips together right here:


Hearthrugs are available in four different materials, nylon, olefin, wool or fiberglass.

Wool has extremely low levels of flammability and is naturally stain resistant. As a result, this is the most practical choice as not only is it cosy, it’s easy to clean and does not ignite easily.

Flying embers that land on a fibreglass rug will also burn out harmlessly and because they are vinyl-backed, fibreglass hearth rugs won’t slip or slide on a hardwood floor. These rugs are currently only available in solid neutral colours, which would match a modern decor.

Both nylon and olefin rugs are cheaper than the more expensive wool or fibreglass hearthrugs. You can find them in a range of patterns and colours for every decor style, from animal prints to sports-team themes.


Hearth rugs come in three basic shapes — rectangular, half-round and oval. Rectangular fireplace rugs sit flat against the straight edge of your hearth. Half-round fireplace rugs, which look like half a circle, also sit flat against the hearth and make the most of limited space whilst making a decorative statement. Oval fireplace rugs are frequently braided and would suit a country-style decor.


No need to sweep your design goals under the rug, use this accessory to showcase your chosen style. Whether you like to practice yoga fireside or dance the nights away, there are rugs suited to every use.

It is important for a rug to complement the rest of the room just as any furniture or accessory would, which is why there is such a fantastic choice available. Plain rugs in bold colours can add a striking aesthetic and extra large rugs can add a big impression.
Some home furnishings seem timeless in their appearance and manage to easily enhance the interior of any room effortlessly. Traditional rugs fall firmly into this category with subtle nods to oriental and Indian styles.

Whichever style of rug you select to decorate and furnish your home with, it will be sure to bring individuality, warmth and texture into the room.


The styling doesn’t have to stop indoors either; soft yet durable, an outdoor rug can handle anything. Even a British summer. So, why not upgrade your outdoor living space and include a fireside rug in your design.

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