Help! I don’t have a log store!

Great organisation and storage are key to making your home flow more efficiently. One item that is worth its weight in gold is a log holder or storage area. In Norway, woodpiles – called holz hausen, are something of an art form, built up and displayed in homes and gardens with pride. However, if not done properly, displaying logs can be hazardous. A purpose-built log store can help keep your home organised and safe.


Many wood-burning stoves in our ranges come with the install option of a log store base or bench. The Vogue Midi T for example can be installed with the Midline log store base adding increased height and a convenient fuel storage area.

The Dovre Rock’s optional wood box base mount ties in seamlessly with the design of the stove making it a feature of the log store.

The Stovax Studio Air 2 Freestanding, is one of many stoves in the Stovax range that can be mounted on a Stovax stove bench. Not only does this create an exceptional view of the flames, but it also allows for attractive and adjacent log storage underneath. These steel benches create an adaptable alternative to hearth mounting and there are several sizes of bench available.

For those who’d prefer the wood was kept out of sight, Nordpies’ elegant Quadro Ecodesign wood-burning stoves also feature a handy built-in log store within their long body for easy refuelling.


Creating a log storage area within your fireplace design is not only a handy way to store your logs but it can also add a wonderful aesthetic to your interior. Whether you chose to store your logs in an alcove adjacent to or under your fire, or even beneath built-in seating within the room, having them close by makes refuelling the stove a pleasure rather than a chore. No one enjoys having to wrap up and lug logs in from a cold, dark outside shed, even collecting supplies from another room can be an inconvenience when it means having to leave the cosy fireside!

There are many ways to incorporate a log wall or storage area into a fireplace design, from a long vertical stacking space to a geometric built-in cabinet. A log alcove is not only a handy place to store wood for fuel, but it also introduces some natural texture that is sure to complement the rest of your room, particularly in loft style and cottage core styled living spaces.


Stovax log holders are a brilliant addition to any log fire or wood stove and are ideal for both modern and traditional homes. Made from strong steel with solid construction and durability, Stovax log stores come with a 1-year guarantee and strength for both indoor and outside use. Available in a variety of sizes, the right choice and provide storage plenty of room to accommodate your firewood.

Available in both traditional and contemporary designs to suit the design of your home they are the perfect fireside companion. Ideally suited to those with a wood-burning fire or stove (without a log storage compartment) and for those who don’t want to incorporate a built-in storage area into their interior design.

The crescent-shaped log holder not only provides a decorative screen for your fire when not in use but also conveniently stores the wood next to your wood burner.

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