Types of Electric Fire

And How to Choose What Form is Best Suited to Your Home.

For some, the lifestyle of owning a wood burner looks more fun than the practicality of it. Perhaps you’re seeking something with a little more simplicity, but with the captivating beauty of a wood burning fire? 

Homeowners looking to install an electric stove or fire into their homes have recently increased. The main reasons for this is due to its ease of installation, instant heat and realistic flame visuals. Featuring state-of-the-art flame-effect technology, there are many types of modern electric fires and stoves. These all provide a versatile and stunning focal point for any home – and all without the need for a chimney!

Whether you’re looking to create a cosy but minimalist space or go all out with truly impressive room renovation there is an electric fire to suit your needs. Here we take a look at the different types of electric fire available and how these suit different homes.

  1. Inset Electric Fires

This type of electric fire is also known as a recessed fire as it sits in a chimney breast or fireplace, like a traditional fire.  Inset electric fires are the biggest selling type of electric fire, mainly because of people choosing to replace a gas or coal fire with an electric one and wanting the traditional look of a fireplace. There are also some great modern designs to choose from.

Inset electric fires are also best suited to feature wall installations. Inset models fit flush into the wall, which works perfectly for media walls and TV installations – especially when the desired look is a completely seamless integration with the rest of the room.

2. Wall Mounted Electric Fires

This type of electric fire hangs directly on your wall and is a great choice if you are on a small budget, don’t have much space or don’t have a cavity to put a fire into. This type of fire can be thin – with a minimum size of just a few inches.

One of the best things about owning an electric fire is the ease of installation. A wall mounted electric fire makes installation ultra-simple: all you need to do is hang it to the wall in accordance with the instructions that came with your fire, switch on, then sit back and relax!

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, wall mounted electric fires will be at home in a wide array of interiors making for a powerful focal point.

3. Freestanding Electric Fires

This type of appliance is designed to look like a traditional fire with a surround but without needing a cavity to sit in, unlike the inset variety. This means that they sit flat against your wall but look just like a normal fire. These are a good choice if you want a fire in a room that doesn’t have a chimney.

There is a wide range of fire surrounds available to select from too, which are crafted from traditional materials such as wood, stone and cast iron. Whether you wish to recreate a period look or complement your contemporary tastes with clean, bold lines, there is a fire surround to suit your home.

4. Electric Stoves

These stoves are the perfect option if you like the look of a wood burning stove but don’t have a chimney, live in a smoke control area or don’t have the budget for a wood burner. Electric stoves look like wood burning stoves but you can turn them on with the flick of a switch – and they’re a lot cheaper to buy and install. Plus, you don’t have to buy wood to make them work!

There is a rise in the design integrity of electric stoves coming onto the market via manufacturers who’ve invested not only in the look of their products but the technology which underpins them. The result is a much better choice of pleasing appliances that you won’t feel obliged to apologise for, rather from which you will gain a useful heat source that blends into your home effortlessly.

Electric stoves can really make a room feel cosy too. Most stoves offer a range of temperature settings and emit up to 2kW which should be more than enough to provide warmth to a bedroom or the corner of a popular gathering point. The fact that all you need is an electricity socket and a quick switch of a button on the remote control to ‘fire’ an electric stove up is a great bonus. The beauty of electric is that once it is switched on, it begins to make a difference straight away. This ability to quickly provide localised heat means you will can make use of your electric stove to provide some extra warmth in the room you’re in as and when you require. The majority of stoves can also display the flame-effect without the heat, so you can enjoy the ambience of a glowing hearth all year round!

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