More Flames, Less Heat!

A Look at the Stovax Range of Slimline

Wood-Burning Stoves.

If you have a smaller home, lounge, garden room or any other living area where space is at a premium and extra heat isn’t needed, there’s no need to pour water on your dreams of a wood-burning stove just yet. You want magnificent flames with expansive visuals and a stove that creates a focal point but without the extra heat?

Let us help narrow down your search and introduce you to Stovax’s splendid range of slimline stoves.

Stovax’s slimline wood-burning stoves give you all the presence of a big log burner, whilst providing a manageable heat output for standard-sized or well-insulated rooms.

Slimline food and drink may lack in body and flavour, however there’s no absence of style or function with these stoves! If you’re limited for recess space or need to install a stove in to an awkward area, these fabulous stoves are an ideal solution. Offered with a choice of single or double doors and as a dedicated woodburner or multi-fuel model, they are highly advanced and versatile stove options.

Well insulted homes don’t require the extra kW’s of heat from a larger appliance. Many living rooms are better suited to a 5kW stove so you’re not opening all the windows in a bid to cool off! Stovax’s specially designed collection of slimline word-burning stoves have been created to solve this problem.

Featuring the same frontal proportions and wide viewing window of large-format appliances, but with a shallow depth, these stunning slimline stoves give you vast flame visuals without the extra heat.

Stovax offers a full range of slimline stoves from the contemporary styled Vision and Vogue models to the more traditional Chesterfield, Sheraton and Stockton.

Choosing the right size wood burning stove for your home might seem like a daunting task, but it really isn’t! Our team are here to help answering your questions, showcasing options and we can also do a site survey to make sure your appliance provides the right amount of heat for your home.

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