How to Incorporate a Fireplace into a Small Living Room

When a fireplace or stove is running optimally, it will go a long way toward offsetting high
winter heating bills. With such a huge variety of fireplaces designed for smaller spaces, now
everyone can enjoy the luxury, warmth and money-savings that you can only get with a
beautiful fireplace.

There’s something about a lit fire in a home that doesn’t just add warmth physically. Many
homes out there aren’t equipped to handle the load and capability of a full-blown fireplace,
but that’s not a reason not to have one.

There’s absolutely no reason that your desire for a roaring fire this winter should be
stopped short by the size of your living room. You might think that your space is a little too
compact to make room for a fireplace, but that’s very rarely true – modern fireplaces come
in all shapes and sizes, and it’s more than possible that you’ll be able to find an option which
doesn’t just fit your space but truly enhances it.

Still don’t believe us? Well in that case, perhaps it’s time to share some of our top
suggestions for making it work…

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

E-Reflex Trento Suite

When space is really at a minimum, a wall mounted fireplace is the way to go, granted that
you have the wall space for it. They don’t take much room vertically, but are guaranteed to
add a stunning centrepiece like no other. Whether gas or electric, today’s fireplaces
incorporate leading-edge technology for cleaner, hotter fires with a great list of additional
features. Read more about why a wall mounted fireplace might be the solution for your
home here.

Recessed Fireplaces

Studio 1 Profil

Recessed fireplaces work pretty much as the name suggests; they are set back into
the wall, meaning that they don’t take up any of that precious floor space. This design of
fireplace can not only become a great feature of your room but being set into the wall will
make your space feel bigger.

Electric stoves

Riva Vision

Electric stove fireplaces are a great way to incorporate fire into the home without having to
build into the wall. From classic and traditional to ultra-modern, an electric stove makes a
great finishing touch in any smaller room. Because they’re powered by electricity, there’s no
hauling and stacking wood, and there’s increased safety by not having gas lines running into
the heating unit. Electric stoves are easy to operate and provide controlled heat quickly.

Make the Fireplace the Centrepiece

Riva 2 Gas Fire

Typically, modern families choose to set the TV as the centre of the room, with the rest of
the furniture either pointing towards it or fitted around it. In a smaller environment, this
may mean that there isn’t really space for a second focal point. However, there’s no reason
that you can’t choose to move the focus away from the television, giving the fireplace pride
of place instead and transforming the room into a much more social area.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the TV has to go altogether – you can move it into another room, hide it away behind cabinet doors or simply place it in a less central location. That way, you can
ensure that you are benefiting from both the warm charm of the fire and the luxurious
conveniences of modern life.

Frame your TV above the fireplace

The ‘TV above the fireplace’ trend can be hard to get right but with bold and dark interiors
becoming a big design trend in 2020 its easier than ever to successfully achieve this situ.
Style a dark fireplace surround with a coordinated dark painted chimney breast, this works
perfectly with the dark frame of a TV. Consider a light textured stone or bold, bright tile at
the back of the fireplace to lift the space and stop it from looking dreary. Alternatively, a
monochrome colour scheme can be just as effective. If your layout lends you to positioning
the TV over the fireplace, being bold is how to deal with it!

These are just some of the many ways in which you might be able to find space for a roaring
fire in a smaller living room, but get in touch and speak to one of our trained associates and
they will be able to discuss your exact needs and recommend the perfect choice.

Contact us today, online or by phone, for more details or to arrange your showroom

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