Wall Mounted Electric Fires: Bringing Style Back to Small Spaces.

If you have a small living space, you might be feel like you can’t have a fireplace due to there
being nowhere for it to go. Why install something that is going to mean you have even less
space? It’s rare that you find a fireplace in an apartment, flat or similar home and even if
you do, it’s usually located in a top floor penthouse for venting purposes. New builds don’t
tend to incorporate fireplaces either as space is valued over aesthetics.

If you have restrictions on space in your home but you’re dreaming of the warmth and
ambiance that only a fire can provide – we have the perfect solution, Wall Mounted Electric
Fires. Rising greatly in recent interior trends, these popular fires come in an extensive range
of styles, designs and sizes, making them the perfect addition to homes with no floor space
to spare.

Radiance Glass Electric Fire

Both space-efficient and effective these fires are a great alternative to traditional wood
fireplaces for those facing interior design limitations. As the name suggests, Wall Mounted
Electric Fireplaces can be mounted directly on a wall to avoid taking up any valuable floor
space. They are designed with all room types in mind and will complement the décor as any
other wall-hanging accent would. However, these aren’t just an eye-catching centerpiece –
they also serve a completely functional purpose providing heat to your room. This can
quickly be turned on and off as an additional bonus so you never need to wait for the fire to
die down before heading out or going to bed.

With a thin profile and no need for venting, these are even a perfect solution for recessed
applications. Installing them directly within the wall allows you to place it virtually anywhere
you want without having to worry about space requirements.

Not convinced yet? Here are some additional reasons for why a wall mounted electric fire
might be the choice for you.

No Fumes  
Traditional fireplaces produce both fumes and smoke. With a wall mounted fire, you don’t
have to worry about any of these factors. They do not require venting and don’t create ash
and soot so you don’t have to worry about inhaling fumes or having them stain your walls.

E-Reflex Trento Suite

Lower Costs
Designed to meet the needs of any living space wall mounted electric fireplaces are an
extremely cost effective heating solution – especially compared to the more traditional
types. You don’t have to constantly buy materials to keep it lit, such as coal or logs. Electric fires can also have real flames, so you don’t even have to compromise on warming
ambience of more tradition fire styles.

Studio Electric Verve

Less Maintenance
A wall mounted electric fireplace requires less maintenance than a traditional fire, which
means you don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning it. Without the need for coal or
wood, you don’t have to worry about changing it after every use. With a wall mounted
electric fire, all you need to do is plug it in and then switch it on and off as you please.


The Wow Factor
Installing a fireplace to your wall means that you can brighten up an otherwise dull and
boring wall. It adds a feature or focal point to your room that people can focus on when
they enter. If you have a huge empty space on your wall then a wall mounted fireplace
might be the perfect solution for you.

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