In this article, we look at how to choose a fire for you home if you don’t have an existing chimney. There’s a whole range of modern stoves and fireplaces that will turn the heat up in your home without requiring a full-scale renovation.

If you don’t have a chimney and want to know what your options are, we’ve put this handy guide together to help you.


One option if you do not have a chimney is to opt for an electric stove or fire. An electric stove or fire only requires a mains socket to function. There are many stunning electric fueled options to choose from. Electric stoves are expertly designed to imitate the look of a real wood burning fire, with realistic logs to boost the effect. Offering instant heat at the flick of a switch, eliminating the need to store fuel or light fires.

An electric stove or fire is a ready-to-use option that requires minimal installation time. They don’t need a chimney and offer the heat and comfort of a fire without a lot of maintenance. Almost all modern electric fires and stoves also all come with the option to enjoy the flames without any heat output, meaning you can still enjoy the ambiance of a fire in the warmer months.

Electric is a great option for those without a chimney and individuals who move to a new house often, as you can always take an electric fire or stove with you.


Another alternative for if your home does not have a chimney is to opt for a gas stove or fireplace. Many gas stoves and fires are available as balanced flue versions, negating the need for a chimney entirely. A balanced flue model requires a twin-walled pipe to vent directly to an outside wall. Find out more about how a balanced flue installation works here.

This gas alternative offers the convenience of the beauty and warmth of a real fire that can be controlled from the comfort of your armchair. This choice also eliminates the need to constantly fuel a fire with wood, as a gas hook up conveniently does all the work for you. A perfect option to sit back, relax, and not worry about the fire’s needs. 

With all gas options, there will be no aromatic wood smell, but again eliminating the worry of where to source or store your fuel. While you don’t need a chimney, as mentioned above, you still need ventilation and these installation costs should be considered in your budget when choosing a gas fire or stove. 


If you still want a log burning or multi-fuel stove but your home does not have a chimney, there are some options that may be available to you.

A conventional fire or stove requires a chimney or flue system to function. If you do not have a chimney, you may be able to have a pre-fabricated twin wall flue system installed which works in the same way a normal chimney would. 

There are two options for you to have twin wall flue system installed, either internally through the roof or externally through a wall of your building, either allows you to enjoy a fuel burning stove in your home. These do require more work to fit than using an existing chimney. However, it is still a reasonably simple and cost-effective way to enjoy to benefits of a traditional fire in a home with no chimney. 

If you opt to have a twin wall flue system installed externally, your flue will connect to your stove and exit through an external wall. It then runs up the side of your building to empty at a safe distance – usually near your roof. 

If you opt to have a twin wall flue system installed internally, your flue will still connect to your stove, but the pipe will run through the inside of your house, through your ceilings, and out of the roof to empty.

Which one is best for you depends on your circumstances. If you choose the external option, you will have a visible steel pipe along the side of your building. If this doesn’t appeal to you, you may prefer to keep it inside.

Ready to start discussing your fire options further? Our highly skilled team are on hand to help you and give you the best advice to achieve the flames you desire. 

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