The Ultimate Pizza Oven: More Uses, More Usage: Morsø Forno!

The Danish company Morsø have been making stoves and ovens since 1853 and have used their expertise to develop the award winning Morsø Forno outdoor oven. Let’s just say if ever there was an object that was the epitome of both form and function, this is it. 

Crafted from iron and built to last this transportable table top oven is guaranteed to ‘wow’ and not just because of its ultra-modern rounded design. A multipurpose outdoor oven and grill that will help you take cooking outdoors to a new level. 


Over the past few months we’ve all been paying more attention than ever to our homes and want our outdoor living spaces to be multi-purposeful. Seamlessly transforming from fun and entertaining to a tranquil oasis for relaxing nights under the stars. Forming a natural focal point in any outdoor living area, this oven allows you to sit out with friends and family, baking pizza, enjoying the fresh air and each other’s company. If you dream of alfresco dining under the Tuscan sun, then this pizza oven is a perfect choice to make the vision a reality. 

Unlike many other outdoor ovens, the Morsø Forno doesn’t require any additional accessories to function. It is a standalone appliance and even adds a bit of extra flair to the patio area with its sleek, stylistic appearance.


Whether you’re a talented cook serious about learning how to make quality homemade pizzas or a baking novice, this oven is easy to use for everyone.

One of the excellent components of this oven is that all it needs to work is wood, giving you that authentic Italian pizza baking experience. Because it’s wood-fired it can reach extreme temperatures and cook thin-base pizzas in just 60-90 seconds. 

However, it should be highlighted that the Morsø Forno can make so much more than just pizza. Due to its cast iron construction, creating the ideal baking environment, this oven has the versatile capabilities to roast, bake and grill.

Another bonus? The Morso Forno Oven is self-cleaning. With its high inside temperatures, it burns away and removes all oil and fat residue after food preparation, leaving the internal firebox sterile, clean and ready for use.


While it is recommended for stationary outdoor use, it’s small size make it easily transported to bake pizzas at a neighbourhood cookout down the street, or even a friend’s house across town.

It’s 70cm x 60cm base makes it the perfect addition to the outdoor patio without being overwhelming or cumbersome.

The oven features a low firebox and lots of room for firewood. A Morso Forno barbecue oven cover can be a useful accessory to protect your appliance while outside without having to transport it in and out before and after every use.


The Morso Forno Outdoor Oven opens up the authentic pizza making experience so that anyone can taste the delectable flavours of traditional Italian pizza, and it certainly costs less than plane tickets to Italy!

The versatility in uses means you can still eat out on nights where you want to enjoy the oven but are not in the mood for pizza. Plus, the Morsø Forno functions brilliantly as an outdoor fireplace when not being used to cook.


If you want to try this gourmet pizza making experience for yourself, get in touch with one of our showrooms and get set to get to baking!

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