2021 Christmas Décor Trends

We say it every year, but we can’t quite believe that we’re starting to think about Christmas already! However, after the disappointment of 2020’s festive season, we’re only too happy to look ahead, towards what will hopefully be a more ‘normal’ December, with more family members gathered around the tree and fewer seasonal Zoom parties.

We’ve scolled through pinterest, clicked through the hashtags and read the interior design forecasts searching for what are predicted to be the big design trends for Christmas 2021. We’ve discovered asymmetrical trees, the colours of the seasons and the textures everyone’s talking about, plus an unexpected rise in popularity of an item from yesteryear.

So, if you’re feeling quietly festive, or just want to make sure you’re ahead of the game, scroll down and take a peek into what Christmas will look like this year.


If you love the smell of a real tree or are looking for a more traditional feel this year Christmas, the Nordmann Fir remains a firm favourite across the UK. Well known for its even shape and somewhat sparse branches, these trees have graced British homes for decades and will bring an authentic, nostalgic feel to your home.

If you prefer more contemporary interior decor at Christmas then the Fraser Fir is the tree for you. Extremely popular in the US, the Fraser Fir is a more full-bodied tree in comparison to the traditional Nordmann Fir, with its volume providing a larger canvas for more elaborate lighting and decorations.

But remember: the most eco-friendly way to approach your Christmas tree is to go for a real tree that has been grown locally. Or, even better, rent a real tree from a local supplier so it can continue to grow in-between seasons.


When wonky vegetables hit the shelves we rejoiced, finally the imperfect was being seen and its grown in popularity. This new perspective has now reached the artificial tree market, we can expect to see asymmetrical and sparse trees growing in popularity this year.

As with many things in nature, nothing is ever perfectly symmetrical, and the humble Christmas tree, whether real or synthetic, is no different. LED twig trees are continuing to trend this year complementing the interior trends of the year. The bare branches and warm lighting of these trees add a festive feel without overwhelming the space.

The wonderful thing about sparse trees is that they allow for you to show off the unique decorations and lights you’ve collected over the years – from the more modern to your precious family heirloom baubles. Perfect for embracing the maximalism trend.

Tip: If you go for a fake tree, make sure you care for it well so it can be used for years to come. Package it away thoughtfully in between Christmases so it lasts.


It doesn’t get more British than a Christmas tree skirt. An item from yesteryear that is seeing a huge rise in popularity. The addition of a tree skirt, or collar, allows you to cover up the base of the tree, while also giving you the option to level up your decoration game and continue your theme from the star at the top of three right down to the base. They’ll cover up unsightly stands, protect your floor from fallen needles and make a great base for presents!


As the modern, paired-back interiors continue to grace British homes, silver is taking centre stage this festive season. Its muted and cooler tone helps bring the snowy outside in – without the freezing cold temperatures.

Gold is also popular this year as a nod to the pantone colour of 2021 (Illuminating 13-0647) feeding through into many festive designs this year. Gold helps to add a warmth and depth as it contrasts against the leading silver tones. Paired with rich navy and burnished berry tones, gold adds an opulent, sophisticated touch and looks wonderful against dark feature walls.


Continuing the theme of bringing the snowy days of Christmas indoors, white decorations paired against other whites will be a huge trend this year. Textured layers of white to imitate snow such as a variety of cushion textures in fabrics like velvet and corduroy teamed with chunky knitted throws.


The biggest emerging trend of winter 2021 is rustic, homemade looks. DIY décor is on the rise, the pandemic lockdowns have made us a nation of crafters and Christmas is a wonderful time to proudly hand our homemade decorations around the house. If you’re not the crafty type, fear not, the next big trend of the year is a switch to more subtle, stripped back country style. Traditional decorations of pine cones and dried fruit, foliage and berries will be back in abundance.

Following COP26, sustainability is also a huge influence in Christmas décor this year. Re-useable crackers, recycled glassware, re-purposed items and borrowing what you don’t have. Conscious shopping, sustainable materials and natural colours.

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