2021 Halloween Décor Trends

We tried a magic eight ball and a paper fortune teller but no-one can really predict what our Halloween plans will end up looking like this year. However, there’s one thing we can forecast: and that’s how we’ll be decorating! We trawled through the Instagram hashtags, scrolled through Pinterest for too long, and chatted with the pros to find out what Halloween styles will be on trend this year. Whether you’re into a homespun harvest vibe or something more celestial-inspired, here’s some top Halloween 2021 decorating ideas that we’re batty about.

1. Just hanging with my ghouls

After a year spent crafting in quarantine, we’re all looking for things with a handmade feel…shopping small, hand crafted and local has never been more popular. Enter the new craze, felt décor. Boiled wool and felt accessories, particularly garlands, pumpkins and decorative ghosts you can pop on a shelf, are going to be everywhere. They last far longer than paper garlands which are less popular these days and come in a great variety of designs from bright and fun, to eerily realistic. Felt and wool products provide a cosy feel in your home and incorporating home décor items in this material has been rising in trend with the surge of cottagecore culture. You can find a ton of options on Etsy and in local supermarkets; many stores have already started stocking their Halloween décor, but it tends to move quickly, so act fast!

2. Their house is a museum,

    when people come to see ‘em.

While the Witchcore aesthetic is more of a lifestyle than a seasonal aesthetic, (think organic 1990’s Goth trend) it can still provide plenty of inspiration for making your home a touch more enchanting this All Hallows Eve. Inspired by witchcraft, the style often includes crystal, frog, owl, bat and potion motifs. Look for dark lace, rich velvets in dark colors and celestial patterns to add in to your soft furnishings. Apothecary jars filled with dried flowers & seeds plus matte black accents such as candle sticks and wall-hung plates also work well here.

3. Fire burn and cauldron bubble

Pinterest searches for “Halloween yard” has skyrocketed recently and we’re not talking about inflatables, larger than-life garden displays are the next big thing. People are getting more creative than ever with their garden décor and take great pride in their displays for the whole neighborhood to see. Maybe it has to do with the excitement surrounding a hopeful return to a more ‘normal’ Halloween this year—fingers crossed! As people strive to create the most unforgettable house on the street, more are turning to full-scale designs. From dragons and giant spiders scaling the fronts of homes to bubbling cauldrons and pop-up graveyards on the lawn, its creepy and its kooky, mysterious and spooky!

4. Boo-tiful Balloons

If you want to make a statement without terrifying the kids, a balloon arch is the way to go. They’ve been popular for all kinds of special events recently, from starting school and  graduation to hen parties and baby showers, Halloween is no exception. A trail of black and orange balloons gives a classic look, but if you want to go the extra mile (and have décor that won’t fill your basement come November), scatter a few inflatable characters throughout the room. We’re batty about flying balloon bats! Just be sure to position these well away from the heat of the fire.

5. Give ‘em pumkin to talk about

Modern Farmhouse may be on its way out, but cottagecore is here to stay and Contemporary Harvest is still a popular theme for anyone who prefers their home to feel festive, not freaky. Think pumpkin-topped hay bales flanking the front step and hand-tied bunches of dried flowers. Warm wood tones, leaf garlands, black-and-white check tablecloths and anything that provides a “harvest market” feel.  We love that this décor can last all season long.

6. Fab-Boo-lous HALLOWEEN TREES!

No, not like spooky gnarled trees (though we think they’re great!). We’re talking black or orange Christmas trees—even bottle-brush trees and retro ceramic ones—decorated with bats, purple and orange baubles, and spiders. Because Santa shouldn’t have all the fun? Honestly, we’re not sure how this trend took off (nearly 39,000 Instagram posts are tagged #halloweentree), but it’s going strong into 2021, and retailers are responding with all kinds of options to suit your fancy.

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