Cottagecore Style and How to Achieve it

Cottagecore, it’s the new interior design buzz word and the latest must have trend. They’re even talking about, and implementing it, on the new series of Changing Rooms.

It’s a movement that takes inspiration from the traditional agricultural life, skills, and crafts of yesteryear, and it’s on the rise. As a concept, it embraces a simpler, sustainable existence that is more harmonious with nature. Aesthetically, it’s a nod to the traditional twee countryside style, romantic and nostalgic. In terms of home aesthetic and life, it’s been adopted by many much like the Hygge, Nordic and the Japandi ways of life.

So, what makes Cottagecore different? Cottagecore has a lot of similarities to Hygge, they both embrace the cozy elements and the slowing down of life. Involving taking a few steps away from the virtual life we so often find ourselves in with technology and social media.

Believe it or not, you may have even partaken in some cottagecore activities without even realising it: dutifully maintaining a sourdough starter (even if the actual bread you made didn’t turn out so well), suddenly realising that you need a long, ruffled, floral print dress, or finding refuge in the great outdoors and its bountiful offerings (who says you must work from home at an actual desk?).

So how do you achieve this vibe in the home? Here we look at some simple and effective ways of embracing the cottagecore trend for interiors.


When it comes to wall colours, you’ll be pleased to know that the popularity of sage and dark green isn’t disapearing anytime soon. Team it with off-white, cream or natural wood and it helps to ground the space, making the room feel more relaxed and cosy come evening. A grounded colour palette with neutral and warm earthy tones reflecting nature works well here. Tongue and groove wall paneling, floral wall paper and tiling are another way to incorporate these trend colours whilst using traditional decorating techniques.


When considering soft furnishings for a cottagecore inspired interior, look for items that incorporate traditional crafts and organic materials such as cottons, linens and wool; embroidered cushions, hand knitted throws, rag rugs, quilts, patchwork blankets. This aesthetic is all about cosiness in the home. Florals prints, lace, and pretty motifs that reflect the British outdoors will all fit in beautifully with this interior theme.


Embroidered samplers or hoops make beautiful as wall décor as do wall-hung decorative vintage plates and wreathes of dried flowers. Chain hung mirrors and applique wall hangings also add to the visual.


News flash! You do not need to re-decorate the whole house to incorporate this trend. If you don’t want to spend hours trailing the stores for a brand new, deliberately un-matching, nostalgic suite, there’s an easier way! A pair of vintage armchairs with homemade throws and tapestry cushions are great way to make an impact without re-arranging the entire living room. You can source these from charity stores in most towns and even better if they’re a little worn. Visible mending, re-purposing and giving new life to old items is all part of the aesthetics. Wrap a blanket around threadbare seat pads and the chairs good to go again. Pillowcases can work well too for recovering seat pads and you can often find floral-printed ones in second hand shops.


A key component of cottagecore is bringing natural elements indoors as decorative elements—dried flowers, fresh flowers, houseplants. Add in a healthy dose of historical inspiration from old-time farming and some vintage dishware and you’re well on your way.

Any second-hand pieces that you can get your hands on, whether its bought or passed down from family members, will link in fittingly too. It’s even better when a certain item has some sentimental value or holds some special memories along with it; lace doilies, floral jugs, your grandma’s tea set.

Cottagecore is being adopted by all ages not just those of us who remember the times before wifi. It is really popular with the younger generation who have known only a time with mobiles, computers and social media. At a time when we’re experiencing higher levels of anxiety and depression than any other, it’s easy to see why this trend has hit the mark for so many.

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