We Like Big Stoves and We Can Not Lie!

Let’s chat big stoves, heat machines, fires that demand attention!

Looking for the magnificent flames and impressive presence of a large format stove? You’re not alone. For many homeowners, the expansive flame visuals of a big log burner make for an excellent focal point, especially in places they might be competing with a TV.

When it comes to stoves, the general rule of thumb is that the bigger and more impressive the flames, the larger the fire and the higher the heat output. Big wood burning stoves automatically mean bigger flame visuals and more heat. But what if you want big flames and a moderate heat output better suited to well insulated room spaces? Don’t worry there’s a big stove for that too!

Here we take a look at some of the best BIG stoves on the market and discuss why they could be the stove for you.

The Sheraton 5 Wide

Right from the original conceptual designs, the brief was simple: Impressive flame visuals, but with the nominal 5kW heat output typical of standard stoves. The innovative design of these stylish wood burning and multi-fuel stoves translates into stunning flame visuals and high performance heating.

The Sheraton 5 Wide wood burning and multi-fuel stove offers an expansive flame view with a slimmer depth than a standard large stove – whilst still providing a heat output suitable for standard room sizes. This is a brilliant option for period properties with a large fireplace to fill but no need for excessive heating or well insulated properties looking for a large centerpiece.

Featuring a beveled door frame with matching cornicing to the cast iron top and bottom, the Stovax Sheraton 5 Wide is available in electric, wood burning and multi-fuel versions.

A traditional styled BIG stove that demands attention.  

Studio 3 Freestanding Wood Burning Stove

The largest in Stovax’s Studio range is the striking Studio 3 Freestanding Ecodesign wood burning stove. This highly efficient and visually impressive wood burning stove has the same 11kW of heat output and stunning widescreen views of the flames as its inset fire equivalent but offers a very different look.

Designed to be sited on to the optional 180 Bench, or hearth mounted to achieve the distinctive stove look, the Studio 3 Freestanding creates maximum visual impact in rooms of larger proportions. It also has the ability to be fitted with an optional rear heat shield to reduce the distance to combustible materials behind the appliance and extend the styling possibilities further still.

Take our word, this is a BIG stove for big rooms that delivers heat and impact through stunning design.

Chesterfield 5 Wide Wood Burning Stoves & Multi-fuel Stoves

This large format, slimline wood burning and multi-fuel stove is perfect for settings where a shallower depth is required, without sacrificing flame visuals. Broader and taller than other models in the Chesterfield range, the Chesterfield 5 provides a 5kW heat output and can be selected in wood burning or multi-fuel models.

The Chesterfield range features Stovax’s Convector Heat Flow system, which channels warm air between the firebox and the outer walls of the stove back into the room for enhanced heating performance. This innovative design feature also removes heat from the rear of the appliance, reducing the stove’s distance to combustibles for more installation possibilities.

A versatile BIG stove harmonising traditional stove styling with modern features.

Stockton 11 Wood Burning Stoves

The Ecodesign Ready Stovax Stockton 11 wood burning stove is the largest in the Stockton range. With high-efficiency performance and an impressive 11kW heat output, the Stockton 11 is particularly suitable for sizeable living rooms, substantial inglenooks and open-plan barn conversions.

Being DEFRA Exempt as standard for use in Smoke Control Areas means this stove can also be used in urban areas too. Choose between single or two door models, the latter of which provides a more classic aesthetic for that traditional feel.

View 5 Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Stoves

The stove that went widescreen. Looking for a stove that will fill your room with ambiance and mesmerizing flame views? The look no further than the View 5 Wide wood burning and multi-fuel stove.

The View 5 Wide presents a whole new option for those looking for maximum impact with a moderate heat output and is suitable for most homes with standard sized living spaces.

The View 5 Wide is another great option for rooms where space is limited, as its shallow depth means it doesn’t protrude as far into the room as a typical stove. These sleek, contemporary stoves can be styled with a matching glass top plate as well as a range of benches for a designer focal-point.

But It’s not just about visuals…

The View 5 Wide’s combustion systems are designed to get the most out of every log, providing your home with a high efficiency heat source. And thanks to the advanced Cleanburn technology in both dedicated wood burning and multi-fuel versions, these stoves are Smoke Control Approved, making them suitable for urban areas.

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