Introducing the Brand New Gazco eStudio Electric Fire Collection.

New for 2021, this stunning designer collection from Gazco combines cutting-edge technology, with stunning flame effects. Perfect for media wall installations eStudio fires are not only stylish, ultra-realistic electric fires but they also boast a versatile, fit-anywhere format.

We’ll break it down, feature by feature, so you can see just why we’re so excited to be offering this just launched new collection.


The eStudio electric fire range combines striking LED flame visuals with highly realistic fuel effects to create an eye-catching centrepiece in any setting. The eStudio’s flame effects can be customised to suit your mood, with three different combinations of varying tones and five intensity settings. Choose from a vibrant flame picture that casts a rich glow over a darkened room, or opt for some background ambience – great for when you’re watching a movie.


Bringing the fire to life, the eStudio’s Chromalight up-lighting system shines through the fuel bed and illuminates the log-effects from below. In addition to a natural amber glow, the eStudio’s up-lighting can be set to a range of different colours or the gradually changing Spectrum mode which transitions through each.


For the utmost realism, sections of the log-effects glow when the fire’s Chromalight flames and ember bed are activated, just like real burning logs. All eStudio sizes come with a hand detailed log-effect but if you’re looking for something a little different the fire can be upgraded with optional Silver Birch log-effects, creating an alternative but equally captivating display.


To create the illusion of a real embers, the eStudio’s fuel bed is made up of blackened glass media, dusted with a realistic ash-like coating. When lit from below by the eStudio’s Chromalight systems, the fuel bed’s media glows and darkens in different areas, seemingly at random, for a ‘living’ ember look.


The eStudio features a 2kW thermostatic heating system, which can be programmed to warm your living room to a pre-set temperature. This ‘set and forget’ heating function lets you enjoy your eStudio’s visuals whilst the fire manages the heat. You can also turn off the heating system completely and enjoy the eStudio’s flame and lighting effects without any heat at all, if desired.


For quick and convenient control, this advanced electric fire comes with a Thermostatic Eco handset. This easy to use remote control puts the eStudio’s palette of visual effects at your fingertips. Adjust flames, up-lighting, and the eStudio’s optional LED Mood Lighting System without getting up. Featuring a thermostatic sensor, the Eco handset also gives you the freedom to set your desired ambient room temperature as well as program your eStudio for daily or weekly heating schedules.


In addition to the multiple flame effects and vibrant Chromalight up-lighting, the option to upgrade the eStudio with the LED Mood Lighting System extends its ability to create the ultimate ambience. Featuring the same 13 Chromalight colours as the eStudio fire itself, and all controllable via the with the fire’s Eco handset, the versatile Mood Lighting System can be placed almost anywhere you see fit and is a favourite for feature media wall installations. Position the flexible LED strip around the fire, under shelves, or even around a TV to provide atmospheric mood lighting.


Presented in three sizes, 85r / 105r / 135r, these innovative, contemporary built-in electric fires feature a versatile design all offering up to 2kW of programmable heating.


With their mesmerising flame visuals, ultra-realistic hypnotising glowing ember and log-effects, and versatile design for easy installation, the Gazco eStudio collection offers some of the most enchanting inset electric fires available. Delivering atmosphere to your living room at the touch of a button.

  • Life-like, glowing ember bed
  • 13 fuel bed up-lighting colours and Spectrum Mode
  • Glowing, realistic log-effects
  • Optional Silver Birch log set
  • Programmable Thermostatic Eco Remote Control
  • Flame and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without heat
  • Ecodesign Energy Saving Features
  • Optional LED Mood Lighting System

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