Multi-Fuel or Wood-Burning, The Benefits of Having a Fuel Flexible Stove.

At Living Fires, we provide a large choice of stoves and many of these are available in both multi-fuel and dedicated wood burning versions. We pride ourselves on supplying the high quality multi-fuel stoves with a variety of designs such as traditional styled and modern sleek designs. But a question we often hear from clients is – “What are the advantages of multi-fuel stoves?” We’ve put together this quick rundown to explain how a multi-fuel stove is different from a dedicated wood burner and the benefits of having a fuel-flexible stove.


It really is as obvious as the names suggest, multi-fuel stoves allow you to burn a choice of different fuels. They can burn logs just like a dedicated wood burning stove. But unlike a pure wood-burner, they can also burn smokeless mineral fuels when required.

How do they do this? Well, as you most likely know, logs and smokeless mineral fuels combust in different ways and at different temperatures, so multi-fuel stoves have a versatile firebox to allow them to burn either fuel with high efficiency.

Wood burns best on a bed of hot ash, with combustion air igniting the gases in the flames above. Smokeless mineral fuels, on the other hand, need combustion air beneath them to burn effectively.

To create optimum burning conditions, multi-fuel stoves have a riddling grate at the bottom of the firebox. The stove’s riddling grate allows air to circulate beneath mineral fuels for a high-efficiency burn.



The great advantage about a multi-fuel stove is that they can burn a range of different fuels, this includes wood, peat and coal. Smokeless mineral fuels also have a higher calorific value than wood, so you get more heat per bag of fuel. In smaller dwellings, such as cabins, lodges, or houseboats, where there is limited storage space, having the option to burn smokeless mineral fuels can be particularly useful.


Multi-fuel stoves are extremely efficient, with some stoves boasting an efficiency rating of 80% plus. Having an efficient stove means that the heat which is produced from burning wood or coal is maintained, and not lost through the chimney or flue. Multi-fuel stoves also reduce the amount of fuel used to create heat. In addition, many of our multi-fuel stoves offer a clean burn system which will recycle the excess gases to the flames to be burnt off efficiently.


As well as authorised smokeless mineral fuels, our huge range of Ecodesign Ready multi-fuel stoves can also burn wood with exceptionally low emissions. Many are also suitable for DEFRA Smoke Control Zones, meaning they can burn either fuel type in even the most urban of homes.


Not only can a multi fuel stove heat your home for many hours, but they are well and truly built to last the test of time. Many multi fuel stoves are built from cast iron, one of the strongest metals, this enables the stoves to reach high temperatures without the metal bending or flexing under the hear.


Many people decide to purchase a multi-fuel stove as an efficient way to heat their home. However not only do they heat your home, they also look fantastic! Buying a multi fuel stove creates a real focal point in any room, offering a warm cosy feeling on those winters nights.

If you have any questions about any of our multi fuel stoves, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our stove experts by calling us directly or emailing

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