Great Fireside Activities for the Winter Months.

Ok, we get it, lockdown number who-knows-what, thinking up new ideas for fun times is becoming tiresome. So, we’ve racked our brains and scoured the internet and put together 8 fantastic fireside activities to shake up your evenings this winter. Entertaining ideas to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, in fact fun has never been easier! So, get set and get planning for an evening around the fireside and get ready to make memories.

  1. Cook

Sounds simple but eating around a fire is something we’ve done for years and you don’t need to be outdoors to enjoy it! Cooking is an all-time favourite campfire activity and now it’s set to become your indoor fireside favourite too. Roasting marshmallows for s’mores is only the beginning of fireside cooking activities to enjoy, and if you don’t have an open fire consider using a small burner on a safety mat.

2. Sing

Singing isn’t just for campfires, bring the tradition indoors to your fireside! Choose to go acapella or add a guitar, harmonica or whatever else you may have. Make you own rules and just go for it! Why not show off your musical talent with a karaoke night? Enjoy the chance to sing round the fireside to your favorite tunes. A karaoke evening is among the easiest of activities to plan. Whether you choose to use a karaoke machine or simply an app, your living area will become an area of entertainment and delight. Set up a stage and position chairs or blankets accordingly. Grab some bat snacks and it’s an open mic night ready to go. Take your activity to the next level by choosing a theme such as 80’s music and go all out with fancy dress to match. Have the fun is in the preparation!

3. Tell ghost stories

Add some spooky vibes to your fireside by planning a ghost story night. Gather around the warmth of a fire and swap classic horror tales and personal favorites. A ghost story telling session is hassle-free and easy to plan, and they provide hours of freaky fun for everyone. Sure, you don’t necessarily need to decorate for your ghost story telling, but where’s the fun in that? Break out those Halloween decorations, tack up some fake spider webs, and have the storyteller wear a witches hat. Play a spooky soundtrack on a phone or small speaker to enhance the entire experience. If you’re loving this idea but wanting something a little less Halloween, why not tell fairytales or read aloud your favourite poems. A simple story telling game is to take turns to each add a sentence to a story you make up together, who knows how this once upon a time will end!

4. Quiz

You might be over zoom quizzes, but a home quiz by the fireside is a totally different experience. Make some cocktails/mocktails, get out the snacks and make up a quiz (or there’s loads of free themed ones online too)! Try and keep screens to a minimum so you can enjoy the ambiance of the fire. Play in teams or all against one, if there’s just the two of you simply quiz each other in a battle of the brains!

5. Movie night

Enjoy the nostalgic feeling of the cinema by transforming your living area into a cozy theatre. Assembling your home cinema may be easier than you think (just reposition seats to face the tv or set out a big cosy blanket with all the cushions) and it will provide all ages with a unique, memorable viewing experience. Stick with a family-friendly Disney theme or add a hint of exhilaration with a marathon of classic horror films. To add some extra magic, give out movie ticket invitations and arrange a self-serve popcorn and candy bar. Make sure to keep everyone safe by using string lights to illuminate the way to the loo!

6. Games

Twenty Questions, Name That Tune, Would You Rather, Eye Spy – the list of great traditional games to play round the fireside is endless. Many games you might play on a car journey are perfect for screen-free, fireside fun and are guaranteed to get a good few giggles.

7. Wine tasting

There’s nothing quite like a glass of vino by a roaring fire, unless it’s several glasses! There are many fantastic companies now offering wine tasting experiences delivered to your door and hosted online. Bring the elegance of a fine dining experience to your own home, make this an opportunity to sample a plethora of wine selections and discuss their observations. Add a touch of class to your fireside evening with just a bit of planning and shopping, polish the glasses and why not get in or set up a tasting platter to pair with the wines. This activity requires very little preparation and cleanup allowing you more time to enjoy the experience and ambience.

8. Sleepover

Sure, camping makes a great summer outing, but why not campout in the convenience of your own lounge? An adventurous spin on a traditional slumber party, and who can deny that a bathroom within walking distance adds a certain sense of luxury generally not afforded by other camping trips? No need to check your weather app or prepare your bug spray, simply get ready for a fun-filled night indoors! Many of the ideas within this list can be accompanied by an indoor campout. The best part about indoor camping is its simplicity. Grab you sleeping bags and pillows, that’s it, setup is a breeze. Once the sleeping arrangements are made, you’re free to relax around the fire with hot chocolate, win!

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