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How to Achieve that Hygee State in Your Home.

If you’re passionate about making your house a cosy home, we’re almost certain you’ll have heard of ‘hygge’. In this blog, we’re looking at the Danish concept and how you can bring it into your life by making simple changes to your home environment.


“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.” Robert Brault

This is what the Hygge lifestyle is all about.

Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, hygee comes from the Norwegian word which roughly translates to ‘well-being’ but was very quickly adopted by the Danes meaning ‘cosiness’. The word represents the Danish concept of being content, cosy, and surrounded by everything that makes you feel at peace. This concept has been around for years and has become a lifestyle that many now aspire towards.

It’s about living in the moment, being present and taking time to notice and enjoy the small things in life. It can be anything from watching your favourite film snuggled in a beautifully fluffy blanket, enjoying a hot chocolate by a wood burner or listening to the rain whilst reading a book by candle light.


This way of life is something that many Scandinavians live by… it’s no coincidence they’re in the top 10 happiest countries in the world! One of the best ways to bring more hygge to your life is to make your home interior a cosy sanctuary – a place where you can shut yourself off from the everyday stresses of life, and relax.

Start by quieting your home. Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances, embrace the silence and light calming candles. Take a step back from technology and enjoy everything at a slower pace.

At first, that might feel a bit odd – many of us are used to fast-paced, 21st Century style lives – we are always “connected”, device in hand and rushing through chores trying to fit everything in before the day ends. The Hygge lifestyle is about taking a step back and enjoying the everyday simple luxuries, something we’ve all got a lot better at in 2020.

By creating a warm and welcoming environment and taking a break from technology, you can embody this way of life. From an interior décor point of view, there are a few changes you can make to help create that lovely cosy feel.

The Danes have been known to light more candles per head than anyone else in Europe and this is a very important part of achieving a hygge environment. A simple addition of some pillar candles, or tea lights dotted around the room will help to not only rest your eyes before bed time, but also the soft light will create that tranquil space for you to be able to wind down after a long day.

Make your home more hygge by considering a log burner. Scandi living is all about natural textures, neutral colours and genuine materials. This includes burning wood, as it has a ‘back to basics’ feel, very traditional and pure. Having a wood burning fire lit, especially as the nights become longer, and watching the soft flickering of the flames as the wood crackles gives you a sense of total relaxation that allows you to feel cosy and warm. However, don’t assume you need to burn real wood to create hygge, it’s more about enjoying anything that promotes relaxation. Gas log burners and electric fires create the same ambient atmosphere as a real wood burner.

If you have young children or pets or simply just aren’t confident with lots of candles lit there are other options to create an atmospheric glow. Fairy lights are good alternatives (or additions) to tea lights, hanging them from banisters or above the television will bring more light to your room but keeps it feeling soft. Table lamps that have light bulbs with lower wattages can also work well.

Although a wood burner or lit fire will be lit emitting a good few kW of heat, hygge is about being really cosy. Adding blankets, fluffy throws and thick rugs in any room are simple ways of achieving hygge. Think of creating the perfect settings for nestling under a blanket and enjoying a good book when planning your interior space.

Thicker curtains, especially in the winter months, will also keep the heat inside the room for a homelier space. Warm, simple colours that coordinate with your cushions bring the room together. Speaking about cushions, the more the merrier in our opinion, everyone loves a cushion and comfort is key!

When choosing art for your home go for whatever makes you feel good and gives you joy. Something “easy on the eye” in the colour tones of your chosen room scheme could be hung on the walls to enhance that cosy living space.

We love this concept, and embody it as much possible, from taking a break from everything digital to enjoying life’s simple luxuries. So, as the Danes would say “Kan du hygge dig” (or have a cosy time) and enjoy your evenings as the colder days set in.

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