Making Your Fireplace Spook-Tacular

‘Double, Double, toil and trouble;

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.’

William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Guys and ghouls, tis the season to go a bit batty and turn your home into the haunted house of dreams! Halloween doesn’t need to be all about thrills and chills, in fact there’s plenty of ways to create a boo-tiful autumnal vibe without scaring the socks off all the family. We love Autumn décor and whether you’re looking for some creative activities to do with the kids in the October holidays or ideas for a mini fall themed makeover, we’ve popped together our favourite ways to deck out a mantle for the season.

Grab a pumpkin spiced cuppa, get cosy and be prepared for some fang-tastic inspiration.

<< Warning – this blog contains many terrifying puns, side effects may include moaning, groaning and serious levels of eye rolling. >> 

The Rural Haunted House Look.

Dreaming of a fa-boo-lous, easy to achieve, mantel idea? This rustic look creeps it real and can be created in any home for next to nothing. 

Combine natural elements like pinecones, sheaves of wheat (or dried grasses) and oak leaves with metallic pumpkins for a French country aesthetic.  Add some faux webbing and leggy spiders for extra effect and avoid dusting for at least a month if you can, it all adds to the atmosphere!

The Frightfully Bright Look

If cheery and colourful is your thing, then this look is the one for you. Spend a weekend crafting homemade autumn decorations for your home and making fang-tastic memories.

An easy seasonal DIY project is to simply trace some leaves and cut them out of brilliant autumnal hues. Stick them on dried branches or string together, and place along the fireplace and on the mantle wall. The key with fall decor is bringing the beautiful rich colours of nature inside.

Keeping the focus on the natural elements of autumn like colourful leaves and squash, this versatile look is suitable for not just Halloween but all the way until Christmas! Why not add to the DIY décor and  paint some pumpkins in bright colours or use one as a vase for seasonal foliage? 

We adore this pumpkin garland, simple to make and fun for all the family.

Find instructions on how to make it here.

Add a soft bright throw, cushions and cozy blankets to complete the look.

The Film Noir Look

Witchful thinking if you think this look doesn’t take a little effort, but it’s toadally worth it!

For a sophisticated and subtle Halloween vibe, adorn old portraits and silhouettes with detailed cutouts of flapping bats for a spooky look above your mantel. Place white painted pumpkins, with silhouettes on the front, either side of your hearth to compliment this sharp white and black contrasted look. Add piles of books on the mantel and beneath the pumpkins (be sure to place pumpkins on a saucer to avoid any unwanted damage), face the book spines backwards to match the elegant colour scheme.

Details and texture are key to achieve this luxurious look. An ornately framed mirror hung above the mantel and boo-tiful chandelier candle holders with tapered candles can also work wonders.

Oh My Goard!

Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about! Pumpkin overdose? There’s no such thing! 

If you have a non-functioning fireplace, or large hearth area, fill it with the symbol of the season for a fast, easy, but totally charming Halloween look. Include a simple garland, one made from tassels in Autumnal colours looks brilliant, a few mini pumpkins on the mantel and you’re almost set. Top the pumpkins with a creepy crawly or two and life is gourd! 

Pimp it with Potions

Clean out those old jars and grab the sticky labels, making your mantel look like a shelf from Professor Snape’s supply cupboard is easier than you think and the kids will love it!

Gather a selection of mismatched jars and bottles (washed and label free, clear ones work best). Fill the jars with a selection of shells, feathers, conkers, berries, twigs, balled up dried grasses and other nature walk treasures. Fill the bottles with different coloured liquids (food colouring or even diluting juice work well) remember to seal well. Decorate the sticky labels with made up potion and ingredient names; eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, anything goes! Arrange in a mismatched jumble on your mantel and hey presto you’re in Hogwarts!

Complete the look by hanging old keys with tracing paper wings from the ceiling (fishing wire works a treat) and place a black board ‘Happy Halloween’ sign over the mantel.

However you choose to decorate, have a wicked time!

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