Let’s Get Cosy

How to Achieve that Hygee State in Your Home.

If you’re passionate about making your house a cosy home, we’re almost certain you’ll have heard of ‘hygge’. In this blog, we’re looking at the Danish concept and how you can bring it into your life by making simple changes to your home environment.


“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.” Robert Brault

This is what the Hygge lifestyle is all about.

Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, hygee comes from the Norwegian word which roughly translates to ‘well-being’ but was very quickly adopted by the Danes meaning ‘cosiness’. The word represents the Danish concept of being content, cosy, and surrounded by everything that makes you feel at peace. This concept has been around for years and has become a lifestyle that many now aspire towards.

It’s about living in the moment, being present and taking time to notice and enjoy the small things in life. It can be anything from watching your favourite film snuggled in a beautifully fluffy blanket, enjoying a hot chocolate by a wood burner or listening to the rain whilst reading a book by candle light.


This way of life is something that many Scandinavians live by… it’s no coincidence they’re in the top 10 happiest countries in the world! One of the best ways to bring more hygge to your life is to make your home interior a cosy sanctuary – a place where you can shut yourself off from the everyday stresses of life, and relax.

Start by quieting your home. Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances, embrace the silence and light calming candles. Take a step back from technology and enjoy everything at a slower pace.

At first, that might feel a bit odd – many of us are used to fast-paced, 21st Century style lives – we are always “connected”, device in hand and rushing through chores trying to fit everything in before the day ends. The Hygge lifestyle is about taking a step back and enjoying the everyday simple luxuries, something we’ve all got a lot better at in 2020.

By creating a warm and welcoming environment and taking a break from technology, you can embody this way of life. From an interior décor point of view, there are a few changes you can make to help create that lovely cosy feel.

The Danes have been known to light more candles per head than anyone else in Europe and this is a very important part of achieving a hygge environment. A simple addition of some pillar candles, or tea lights dotted around the room will help to not only rest your eyes before bed time, but also the soft light will create that tranquil space for you to be able to wind down after a long day.

Make your home more hygge by considering a log burner. Scandi living is all about natural textures, neutral colours and genuine materials. This includes burning wood, as it has a ‘back to basics’ feel, very traditional and pure. Having a wood burning fire lit, especially as the nights become longer, and watching the soft flickering of the flames as the wood crackles gives you a sense of total relaxation that allows you to feel cosy and warm. However, don’t assume you need to burn real wood to create hygge, it’s more about enjoying anything that promotes relaxation. Gas log burners and electric fires create the same ambient atmosphere as a real wood burner.

If you have young children or pets or simply just aren’t confident with lots of candles lit there are other options to create an atmospheric glow. Fairy lights are good alternatives (or additions) to tea lights, hanging them from banisters or above the television will bring more light to your room but keeps it feeling soft. Table lamps that have light bulbs with lower wattages can also work well.

Although a wood burner or lit fire will be lit emitting a good few kW of heat, hygge is about being really cosy. Adding blankets, fluffy throws and thick rugs in any room are simple ways of achieving hygge. Think of creating the perfect settings for nestling under a blanket and enjoying a good book when planning your interior space.

Thicker curtains, especially in the winter months, will also keep the heat inside the room for a homelier space. Warm, simple colours that coordinate with your cushions bring the room together. Speaking about cushions, the more the merrier in our opinion, everyone loves a cushion and comfort is key!

When choosing art for your home go for whatever makes you feel good and gives you joy. Something “easy on the eye” in the colour tones of your chosen room scheme could be hung on the walls to enhance that cosy living space.

We love this concept, and embody it as much possible, from taking a break from everything digital to enjoying life’s simple luxuries. So, as the Danes would say “Kan du hygge dig” (or have a cosy time) and enjoy your evenings as the colder days set in.

‘Ecodesign Ready’ Explained

What is Ecodesign Ready?

Designed for the environment, Ecodesign Ready stoves and fires represent the future of wood burning. Supporting the Government’s Clean Air Strategy, these advanced stoves burn so cleanly they meet, and in many cases even exceed, 2022 air quality and efficiency targets.

Ecodesign is a regulation aimed at controlling emissions from a range of appliances that use energy, including stoves, and it will come into force in 2022. In 2015 DEFRA (a UK government body – ‘Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’) cited Ecodesign as the method it will use to improve efficiency and reduce emissions from solid fuel stoves. The Ecodesign ready scheme is supported by DEFRA and the scheme is overseen by HETAS who independently verify that stoves pass the Ecodesign tests.

In simple terms, the Ecodesign regulations set new minimum seasonal efficiency and maximum emission requirements for solid fuel burning stoves, stoves with boilers and cooker appliances. Only those appliances that have been tested and verified as meeting these new limits will be able to be sold and installed legally within the UK. The emission limits include those for Particulate Matter (PM), Organic Gaseous Compounds (OGC), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).

The importance of reducing emissions in wood burning stoves and improving the quality of air is paramount to building a greener future. The Ecodesign ready scheme is a new landmark in the increasing environmental benefits of wood burning stoves. The main stove manufacturers in the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) have decided to release stoves that will meet the lower emissions limit now, and from this year (2020) to only manufacture wood burning stoves that meet the new Ecodesign criteria, two years ahead of schedule. The SIA Ecodesign ready label sets the standard for the most environmentally friendly stoves available today.

If you are looking to get a wood burning stove, but you’re worried about adding to pollution, then look out for the latest Ecodesign multi-fuel and wood burning stoves. New Ecodesign stoves emit an impressive 90% fewer particles than open fires and reduce particle emissions by more than 80% compared to stoves from 10 years ago, according to tests commissioned by trade body the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA). These tests also found that the emissions from open fires and old stoves increased as the fuel burnt, but with Ecodesign stoves it stayed the same.

Heating Your Shed or Summer House

Among the questions we are asked most frequently is ‘how best to heat a garden room’

The answer depends on its size, how you will use it, the power sources you have and your budget. Before you decide on the form of heating you need, it’s important to also take a moment to evaluate the building you’re planning to heat, including its level of insulation. Once you’ve assessed these elements, you can decide how much you need to spend and how complex a task it needs to be to suit your requirements. It’s certainly an important choice, because in our climate, you need to ensure that for whatever purpose you use your shed or summer house, it’s going to be welcoming and comfortable all year round.

Summerhouses have without a doubt gained popularity this year with more of us spending time at home and needing extra space. Garden buildings serve a wide variety of uses such as studios for writing, painting or crafting, an office, gym, gardening hub, a permanently inhabited extension of the living space, storage space, workshop or simply a place for fun, relaxation and enjoying leisure time in the garden.

Coming in many shapes from rectangular to octagonal with a terrace or without and with a broad variety of roof shapes, garden summerhouses often provide a picturesque focal point tucked away at the end of your lawn and give your garden this perfect country look, that you enjoy with every view out the window.

However, with the evolution of usages comes the need to make this space functional throughout the seasons. To help you decide how best to heat your space we’ve put together some of the options available for this below.


Style-wise there’s no contest: wood burners look fantastic in a timber cabin. Be it a small pot-belly stove or a stove with a glass door through which you can watch the flames, burning wood creates a great ambiance, smell, and atmosphere in any summerhouse. Whether you select a traditional or contemporary stove, they certainly perform well, maybe even too well! If you decide on a wood burning stove, be aware that a summerhouse is a confined space. A stove with a capacity of around 2 kW is probably enough for a medium spaced summerhouse. 

Wood burners warm quickly, retain heat and are carbon-neutral if you can use a sustainable local fuel source. 

As with all fires however, there are safety aspects to be considered, particularly in a wooden construction:

  • Check if you live in a smoke control area. In this case, you will need an approved ‘clean burn’ stove.
  • Be aware of the height of your flue, the main wind direction, and your neighbour’s houses. They cannot be expected to breathe in the smoke from your burner all the time.
  • It is advisable to install a carbon monoxide alarm
  • The stove should be HETAS registered and please remember they must be professionally installed by a HETAS engineer to ensure your safety.


Installing and electric fire is a very popular option for summerhouses because it does not require any changes in the building itself. There is no smoke, no need for oxygen or burning material supply, no additional safety precautions you just need an electrical socket. Additionally, for workshops with lots of saw dust and alike, it might be an advantage that they have no exposed flammable heating elements.

Electric fireplaces combine the ease and safe handling of heating with the added bonus of resembling a real fireplace. This helps transform the space into a home away from home and an attractive room to spend time in during the colder months. 


A gas fire could be a good option for your summerhouse if your main property runs on gas or a bottled gas fire could be a good idea for a summerhouse with no electricity. Do take in to consideration the bulk and look of a gas bottle when contemplating the latter option.

With no flue, you will not only need some degree of ventilation to ensure oxygen supply, but also because these burners can cause a build-up of water vapour as a result of the burning process. Take this into account when planning your installation.

As with an electric fire, a gas fire can create a great focal point and come in many designs with the ability to be used as an aesthetic accessory and a heater.

Making Your Fireplace Spook-Tacular

‘Double, Double, toil and trouble;

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.’

William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Guys and ghouls, tis the season to go a bit batty and turn your home into the haunted house of dreams! Halloween doesn’t need to be all about thrills and chills, in fact there’s plenty of ways to create a boo-tiful autumnal vibe without scaring the socks off all the family. We love Autumn décor and whether you’re looking for some creative activities to do with the kids in the October holidays or ideas for a mini fall themed makeover, we’ve popped together our favourite ways to deck out a mantle for the season.

Grab a pumpkin spiced cuppa, get cosy and be prepared for some fang-tastic inspiration.

<< Warning – this blog contains many terrifying puns, side effects may include moaning, groaning and serious levels of eye rolling. >> 

The Rural Haunted House Look.

Dreaming of a fa-boo-lous, easy to achieve, mantel idea? This rustic look creeps it real and can be created in any home for next to nothing. 

Combine natural elements like pinecones, sheaves of wheat (or dried grasses) and oak leaves with metallic pumpkins for a French country aesthetic.  Add some faux webbing and leggy spiders for extra effect and avoid dusting for at least a month if you can, it all adds to the atmosphere!

The Frightfully Bright Look

If cheery and colourful is your thing, then this look is the one for you. Spend a weekend crafting homemade autumn decorations for your home and making fang-tastic memories.

An easy seasonal DIY project is to simply trace some leaves and cut them out of brilliant autumnal hues. Stick them on dried branches or string together, and place along the fireplace and on the mantle wall. The key with fall decor is bringing the beautiful rich colours of nature inside.

Keeping the focus on the natural elements of autumn like colourful leaves and squash, this versatile look is suitable for not just Halloween but all the way until Christmas! Why not add to the DIY décor and  paint some pumpkins in bright colours or use one as a vase for seasonal foliage? 

We adore this pumpkin garland, simple to make and fun for all the family.

Find instructions on how to make it here.

Add a soft bright throw, cushions and cozy blankets to complete the look.

The Film Noir Look

Witchful thinking if you think this look doesn’t take a little effort, but it’s toadally worth it!

For a sophisticated and subtle Halloween vibe, adorn old portraits and silhouettes with detailed cutouts of flapping bats for a spooky look above your mantel. Place white painted pumpkins, with silhouettes on the front, either side of your hearth to compliment this sharp white and black contrasted look. Add piles of books on the mantel and beneath the pumpkins (be sure to place pumpkins on a saucer to avoid any unwanted damage), face the book spines backwards to match the elegant colour scheme.

Details and texture are key to achieve this luxurious look. An ornately framed mirror hung above the mantel and boo-tiful chandelier candle holders with tapered candles can also work wonders.

Oh My Goard!

Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about! Pumpkin overdose? There’s no such thing! 

If you have a non-functioning fireplace, or large hearth area, fill it with the symbol of the season for a fast, easy, but totally charming Halloween look. Include a simple garland, one made from tassels in Autumnal colours looks brilliant, a few mini pumpkins on the mantel and you’re almost set. Top the pumpkins with a creepy crawly or two and life is gourd! 

Pimp it with Potions

Clean out those old jars and grab the sticky labels, making your mantel look like a shelf from Professor Snape’s supply cupboard is easier than you think and the kids will love it!

Gather a selection of mismatched jars and bottles (washed and label free, clear ones work best). Fill the jars with a selection of shells, feathers, conkers, berries, twigs, balled up dried grasses and other nature walk treasures. Fill the bottles with different coloured liquids (food colouring or even diluting juice work well) remember to seal well. Decorate the sticky labels with made up potion and ingredient names; eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, anything goes! Arrange in a mismatched jumble on your mantel and hey presto you’re in Hogwarts!

Complete the look by hanging old keys with tracing paper wings from the ceiling (fishing wire works a treat) and place a black board ‘Happy Halloween’ sign over the mantel.

However you choose to decorate, have a wicked time!

Including a Stove or Fire in Kitchen Renovations

A new stove or fire ignites life into any room, but we’re often asked if they’re a suitable addition to a kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of most homes, installing a stove or fire here represents a logical decision. Families and friends often congregate in the kitchen to socialise and relax; welcoming people to the comfort of a warm fire whilst awaiting a home cooked meal.

If you’re thinking about investing in a fire for your kitchen, whether wood burning, gas, electric or multi-fuel, working out where you can install it is the first consideration you need to make. Within this, there are a few key elements to think about. Here, we’ll break them down to give you all the information you need to decide if a fire in your kitchen will work for you.


Should your kitchen have an existing fireplace, as is the case with many period properties and traditional homes, it’s a characterful feature to restore it to its former glory to surround a new stove or fire. Combining a classically-styled original fireplace with the modern appeal of a contemporary wood-burning or multi-fuel stove will instantly instill your kitchen with a traditional cottage feel, as well as adding warmth and comfort to your space.

However, if your kitchen is a modern extension with no existing flue system, there are other installation requirements to think of but fear not, a kitchen fireplace is still in sight. You can install a twin flue pipe that either rises up through the kitchen or through an external wall. How easy and, importantly, desirable this will be entirely depends on the structure of your home, so we would always recommend discussing with an expert first.

If you intend to install a fire or stove purely for heat and aesthetic properties then an electric option can overcome many of these hurdles.


If you’re looking to cook on your fire you maybe looking at installing a wood-burning stove. There are some additional installation features to be considered with this option.

Your kitchen is likely to have an extractor fan. Extractor fans create negative pressure, which can cause problems for a solid fuel stoves or conventional flue gas appliance as these need positive chimney pressure to remove combustion gases from your home. Without positive pressure, the gases created during combustion can linger in your chimney, and in some cases can even be pulled back into the room.

There are options to overcome this. You can install an additional air vent in the room, between the stove and the extractor fan. This should supply sufficient air for each appliance, rather than one drawing air from the other.

Whilst you cannot cook on an electric fire or stove, the installation of this fuel option is much simpler. Just plug in and enjoy!


Perhaps even more so than living rooms, it’s essential to think carefully about the layout of your kitchen before installing a new fire or stove. Kitchens are often smaller than other areas or filled with units and appliances that reduce the space for your fire. Wall mounted fires and stoves can be a great space saver.


It entirely depends on how your kitchen is built, but if there is an existing fireplace then installing a stove or fire should be no problem whatsoever. If there isn’t, then you need to look at what you use your kitchen for. If you host and spend most of your time there, then the inclusion of a fire or stove can add a wonderful focal point.

Post Lockdown Interior Trends and Using These to Showcase Your Fire

A house isn’t just a place to sleep any more – it’s your office, your social space, your exercise zone, and more – and people are looking to create a home that reflects this.

COVID-19 has changed everything as we know it and now the pandemic is even influencing how we decorate our homes. Here we look at 5 post lockdown interior design trends that are being shaped by our new ways of living and how to showcase or include a fire in these.


The art of doing nothing to improve wellness and mindset is more valued than ever before. As a consequence, sanctuary-like spaces inside our homes are also becoming a fast-growing trend, small relaxing spaces, cosy nooks and reading corners.

There’s something about a fire in a home that doesn’t just add warmth physically. Fireplaces also radiate emotional warmth. Many homes don’t have the space for a full-sized fireplace, but that’s not a reason not to have one. There are so many options of small sized, and even portable, fireplaces available that there really should be no reason why you can’t have a fireplace if you want one. They are the perfect addition to any sanctuary space in our opinion. 


Undoubtedly, one of the long-term consequences of COVID-19 is the fact that more people are now working from home. The negative stigma of working from home has officially been lifted and although offices haven’t been written off there is a much more flexible approach to where you work going forward. 

Creating a private space to work and formal workspace is more important than ever before. 

With more people taking on remote and flexible working, trends are already increasing in forming dedicated, private home work spaces and home offices, as opposed to makeshift desk setups. When you spend a lot of time working from home, you need to have a space to enable you to be separated from the rest of the house, not only to be more productive but also to have a clear separation between working hours and relaxing/staying at home hours.

Make your work-from-home area cosy by installing an on trend electric stove and style it to make it your own. Aside from helping with heating costs, it’s a video call background must have!

Read more about the home office must-have here


Kitchens are becoming the absolute heart of the home, more than ever before. We have all been facing a ‘full house’ every evening of the week and really have-to make the most of our living and dining spaces, especially the kitchen. Open kitchens are the heart of the home again and the room used most frequently by everyone. Larger kitchen islands with integrated seating, as well as integrated banquette seating and desk areas within kitchens are fast growing in popularity. These spaces now need to be multi-functional for eating, entertaining, kids’ homework and video calls.

Space for armchairs or an additional sofa in the kitchen is also becoming a trend. Throughout the home, large, comfortable sofas and armchairs are taking precedence over smaller, daintier pieces as they need to accommodate more family members at one time.

Although tunnel or ‘see-through’ gas fireplaces have been around for a while, two-sided fireplaces are once again increasing in popularity in open plan living areas. Often used to divide kitchen and dining areas, or living spaces and kitchens these fires help create spaces and are a wonderful centerpiece. Glass-fronted, balanced flue gas fireplaces make this possible without having to have a big chimney to make it work.


A private exercise space has always been an important consideration in many homes, but lockdown has certainly placed more emphasis on specific features within a home gym over others. For example, virtual training sessions have soared during this time, which means a good screen (which can be hidden away) is essential and excellent speakers are even more important for online personal training sessions.

Now, it may not be an obvious location for a fire to be part of your makeover designs, but if your gym is serving as a yoga, pilates or meditation area then warmth and comfort are key criteria. It’s a well-known fact that many people have had a hard time during social distancing and lockdown measures contributed to loneliness, feelings of isolation and even depression. Making space for mindful activities is a growing trend and a fire can serve as a source of comfort. A wall mounted electric fire or minimalistic stove would suit a home gym ideally with the flexibility to have heat, ambiance or both at only at the flick of a switch. 


As we have been spending more time indoors, there is a rejection of ‘safe’ neutral colour palettes. People are considering their backgrounds more than ever before thanks to video calls, and creating a personalised, interesting space at home is at the forefront of new design trends. A bold print to create a feature wall, characterful cushions or throws, or a vibrant reupholstering of soft furnishings are simple ways of bringing in uniqueness and cheer. Bringing the outdoors in, biophilic design, and a lean toward hues that mimic the sensation of being in nature are a design must, especially in city-dwellers’ spaces.

Your fireplace can wear neutral and bright hues equally so go ahead and try something new. Bright and bold colours lend themselves to being mirrored in the rooms accessories. Why not embrace both the botanical and bold trends? Refresh your chimney breast with a statement deep green and add fresh leafy pot plants to your mantle.

The Home Office Upgrade Everyone Needs

Are you working from home? Want to create the ultimate home office? 

Technology and seamless connectivity have ensured that many of us have been able to work at home with ease, many of us continuing to work this way in the new normal. Home offices, workspaces and home studios have become an integral part of our daily lives. Creating a productive home office is all about finding that perfect balance between form and function. But beyond the bare minimum, there are features that can truly transform your workspace. 

An electric fire or stove can make the perfect addition creating an inspirational and cosy working environment. A fireplace can become the focal point of any room that it sits in, and in small home offices it becomes an even more effective addition.

Being comfortable in your home office space is essential for keeping focused and productive – plus, you want your workspace to be somewhere that you feel settled spending time in.

Studies and offices are often rooms in which you spend a long time sitting for extended periods of time, so an electric fire is a great way to regulate the heat in your room as you need. Electric fires and stoves can be used with the heat on or off. This means if you start to feel cool it’s a great way to warm up without turning the central heating on or taking a break to squeeze in a home workout! Likewise, if you just enjoy the calming ambience but it’s also the height of summer, simply select fire to function without the heat and you’re left with a beautiful flame display. All controlled at the touch of a button so you don’t need to leave the desk either.

Electric stoves and fires come in many sizes and options for installation. If you have an awkward-sized room, many electric fires are available as wall-mounted versions, and some can even be installed directly into a corner, brightening up dull un-used spaces.

Lastly, a fire can help to create zoned areas in your study space. Creating a cosy nook is by far our favourite way of incorporating a fire in your home office and guaranteeing to make it an area you’ll love to spend time in. Position an electric stove near a reading chair for added luxury, add an extra chair and a coffee table if you have additional room and bring in a floor lamp to turn the space into a dreamy sitting area. This little sanctuary has so many purposes from a tranquil reading nook, to a perfect conversation area should you have a client visit at home.

Whichever option you choose, we’re on hand to answer your queries, and help you choose the right fire for your home office transformation.

The Great Outdoors – 5 Ideas for Entertaining Outside Round Your Fire.

As we head into the new normal and eagerly catch up with friends and family we’re all
looking for new ways to entertain at home. While we may not see the backyard parties of
days gone by just yet, we can still make our gardens a welcome, sociable and stylish place to

You can easily host a great garden get together without going all out, you don’t need a pool
or hot tub either, although both are great and lots of fun! Utilising your outdoor area has a
great list of pros but no.1 is being able to relax in the comfort of your own home.

In this blog we’ve listed 5 great entertainment ideas that will make your outdoor space the
place everyone wants to hang out in, this month and beyond. Try a few different ones to
keep your garden events fun and full of surprises!

Games Night

There’s nothing more nostalgic that a board game round the fire, everyone battling it out to
be games champion. Why not invite guests to bring their favourite? From small traditional
card games to a casino night or Pictionary to giant lawn games such as Jenga, chess, pick up
sticks and Connect 4. Grab the snacks, pop up some fairy lights for when the sun goes down
and get set to let the good times roll.

Outdoor Cinema

Lights, camera, action! What’s better than a backyard movie night under the light of the
stars and warmed by the fire? Transform your garden into an amazing outdoor cinema this
summer by setting up a designated space with a sheet or screen, some comfy pillows or
reclining outdoor chairs and cosy blankets. Whether you chose to watch a blockbuster or a
timeless classic, it’s treat for all ages.

If setting up a sheet isn’t quite for you there is a great range of inflatable, pop-up and ready
to use screens on the market. They’re fully portable too so you don’t need to worry about it
being in the way when you cut the lawn either.

S’mores from the fire make a fantastic movie snack along with freshly made popcorn and
mugs of steaming cocoa.

Cheese and Wine Night

Nothing beats kicking back, relaxing and enjoying a drink or two with friends. The bonus
with this idea is that it can easily double as a winter activity, just warm up the wine and
stoke up the outdoor fire, add extra thick blankets and big comfy cushions and you’re all set.

Make your cheese and wine night one to remember by serving baked cheese and warm
breads. If you have a Morsø Forno you could even bake these in your outdoor oven along
with freshly homemade flatbreads for that extra wow factor.

Outdoor Bar

Take you fire to the beach. Transporting yourself somewhere far more exotic than your own
backyard is easy if you’re topping up drinks at a tiki bar. It’s the perfect space to show off
those mixology skills you’ve been fine-tuning over recent months. Chalk up your cocktails on
a blackboard and arrange a mix of seating – from an outdoor table with chairs to pouffes
and beanbags.

When it comes to styling your bar, there are two options: the first is to keep things
sophisticated with natural materials and shades of grey and blue in the accessorise, or you
can go all-out tropical, complete with bright, fun props. Don’t forget the tunes either, with a
smart speaker a must to relive summer festivals past.

Pudding Party

Why save the best bit till last? Skip straight to dessert and have an evening as sweet as your
best pudding.

This must be one of our favourite new entertainment trends. A table full of treats is always
sure to delight your guests but a whole evening themed around dessert, take us to Wonka’s
factory now! Add in a hot chocolate bar where guests can pimp their drinks with cream,
chocolate flakes and marshmallows – or you could add Baileys or Disaronno for an alcoholic
version, and this gathering just became a party of dreams!

How to Incorporate a Fireplace into a Small Living Room

When a fireplace or stove is running optimally, it will go a long way toward offsetting high
winter heating bills. With such a huge variety of fireplaces designed for smaller spaces, now
everyone can enjoy the luxury, warmth and money-savings that you can only get with a
beautiful fireplace.

There’s something about a lit fire in a home that doesn’t just add warmth physically. Many
homes out there aren’t equipped to handle the load and capability of a full-blown fireplace,
but that’s not a reason not to have one.

There’s absolutely no reason that your desire for a roaring fire this winter should be
stopped short by the size of your living room. You might think that your space is a little too
compact to make room for a fireplace, but that’s very rarely true – modern fireplaces come
in all shapes and sizes, and it’s more than possible that you’ll be able to find an option which
doesn’t just fit your space but truly enhances it.

Still don’t believe us? Well in that case, perhaps it’s time to share some of our top
suggestions for making it work…

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

E-Reflex Trento Suite

When space is really at a minimum, a wall mounted fireplace is the way to go, granted that
you have the wall space for it. They don’t take much room vertically, but are guaranteed to
add a stunning centrepiece like no other. Whether gas or electric, today’s fireplaces
incorporate leading-edge technology for cleaner, hotter fires with a great list of additional
features. Read more about why a wall mounted fireplace might be the solution for your
home here.

Recessed Fireplaces

Studio 1 Profil

Recessed fireplaces work pretty much as the name suggests; they are set back into
the wall, meaning that they don’t take up any of that precious floor space. This design of
fireplace can not only become a great feature of your room but being set into the wall will
make your space feel bigger.

Electric stoves

Riva Vision

Electric stove fireplaces are a great way to incorporate fire into the home without having to
build into the wall. From classic and traditional to ultra-modern, an electric stove makes a
great finishing touch in any smaller room. Because they’re powered by electricity, there’s no
hauling and stacking wood, and there’s increased safety by not having gas lines running into
the heating unit. Electric stoves are easy to operate and provide controlled heat quickly.

Make the Fireplace the Centrepiece

Riva 2 Gas Fire

Typically, modern families choose to set the TV as the centre of the room, with the rest of
the furniture either pointing towards it or fitted around it. In a smaller environment, this
may mean that there isn’t really space for a second focal point. However, there’s no reason
that you can’t choose to move the focus away from the television, giving the fireplace pride
of place instead and transforming the room into a much more social area.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the TV has to go altogether – you can move it into another room, hide it away behind cabinet doors or simply place it in a less central location. That way, you can
ensure that you are benefiting from both the warm charm of the fire and the luxurious
conveniences of modern life.

Frame your TV above the fireplace

The ‘TV above the fireplace’ trend can be hard to get right but with bold and dark interiors
becoming a big design trend in 2020 its easier than ever to successfully achieve this situ.
Style a dark fireplace surround with a coordinated dark painted chimney breast, this works
perfectly with the dark frame of a TV. Consider a light textured stone or bold, bright tile at
the back of the fireplace to lift the space and stop it from looking dreary. Alternatively, a
monochrome colour scheme can be just as effective. If your layout lends you to positioning
the TV over the fireplace, being bold is how to deal with it!

These are just some of the many ways in which you might be able to find space for a roaring
fire in a smaller living room, but get in touch and speak to one of our trained associates and
they will be able to discuss your exact needs and recommend the perfect choice.

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Wall Mounted Electric Fires: Bringing Style Back to Small Spaces.

If you have a small living space, you might be feel like you can’t have a fireplace due to there
being nowhere for it to go. Why install something that is going to mean you have even less
space? It’s rare that you find a fireplace in an apartment, flat or similar home and even if
you do, it’s usually located in a top floor penthouse for venting purposes. New builds don’t
tend to incorporate fireplaces either as space is valued over aesthetics.

If you have restrictions on space in your home but you’re dreaming of the warmth and
ambiance that only a fire can provide – we have the perfect solution, Wall Mounted Electric
Fires. Rising greatly in recent interior trends, these popular fires come in an extensive range
of styles, designs and sizes, making them the perfect addition to homes with no floor space
to spare.

Radiance Glass Electric Fire

Both space-efficient and effective these fires are a great alternative to traditional wood
fireplaces for those facing interior design limitations. As the name suggests, Wall Mounted
Electric Fireplaces can be mounted directly on a wall to avoid taking up any valuable floor
space. They are designed with all room types in mind and will complement the décor as any
other wall-hanging accent would. However, these aren’t just an eye-catching centerpiece –
they also serve a completely functional purpose providing heat to your room. This can
quickly be turned on and off as an additional bonus so you never need to wait for the fire to
die down before heading out or going to bed.

With a thin profile and no need for venting, these are even a perfect solution for recessed
applications. Installing them directly within the wall allows you to place it virtually anywhere
you want without having to worry about space requirements.

Not convinced yet? Here are some additional reasons for why a wall mounted electric fire
might be the choice for you.

No Fumes  
Traditional fireplaces produce both fumes and smoke. With a wall mounted fire, you don’t
have to worry about any of these factors. They do not require venting and don’t create ash
and soot so you don’t have to worry about inhaling fumes or having them stain your walls.

E-Reflex Trento Suite

Lower Costs
Designed to meet the needs of any living space wall mounted electric fireplaces are an
extremely cost effective heating solution – especially compared to the more traditional
types. You don’t have to constantly buy materials to keep it lit, such as coal or logs. Electric fires can also have real flames, so you don’t even have to compromise on warming
ambience of more tradition fire styles.

Studio Electric Verve

Less Maintenance
A wall mounted electric fireplace requires less maintenance than a traditional fire, which
means you don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning it. Without the need for coal or
wood, you don’t have to worry about changing it after every use. With a wall mounted
electric fire, all you need to do is plug it in and then switch it on and off as you please.


The Wow Factor
Installing a fireplace to your wall means that you can brighten up an otherwise dull and
boring wall. It adds a feature or focal point to your room that people can focus on when
they enter. If you have a huge empty space on your wall then a wall mounted fireplace
might be the perfect solution for you.